We've launched our all new CBD fitness range: Active

We've launched our all new CBD fitness range: Active

It’s not just the start of a new year, it’s the start of a new decade, and we’re looking to kick it off with a bang. That’s why at Vitality CBD continuing to be the UK’s number one CBD brand isn't good enough. We’re constantly exploring new, innovative methods of taking CBD. That’s where our new range comes in: Active.

Designed from the ground up as a way to support users with an active lifestyle, our four new CBD oils and CBD Muscle Rub are precision-engineered for everyday fitness. Whether you’re a casual jogger, an everyday gym-goer or even an artist looking to find new focus, Vitality CBD: Active has something for you.

Full Active CBD range

Why fitness and CBD?

The idea for Active stemmed from all of you: our users. By going through your feedback, we discovered that a surprisingly high proportion of you were already using our Well-Being range to support your fitness routines. That was our inspiration for Active.

The cornerstone of Active is our bespoke series of four CBD oils. Applying our CBD knowledge alongside our fitness industry experts, spearheaded by multi-championship-winning bodybuilder Ben Noy, we’ve formulated four unique CBD oils that utilised industry-best active ingredients.

Daily fitness routines & CBD drops

These four CBD oils have been designed with active ingredients in that match our research on the average daily fitness routine. The need for energy before exercise; the need to sustain energy mid-exercise, the need to repair post-exercise, and the need to get healthy rest after a hard day’s work. Read on to discover how these steps match your everyday active lifestyle.


CBD Boost Drops

Getting started each day with fitness can be tricky, whether it’s in a morning jog or an evening weights session. Designed for a high-octane burst of energy, CBD Boost Drops include Ashwagandha, Caffeine, and Vitamin B12, which is known for stimulating energy-yielding metabolism and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Available in 500mg for £24.99 and 1000mg for £34.99.

CBD Focus Drops

Getting started with a kick-off is great, but sustaining activity can be tricky too. That’s why our CBD Focus Drops are formulated for maintaining focus during strenuous exercise. Our formula includes Guarana, Ginkgo Biloba, and Vitamin A, a well-regarded everyday vitamin essential for maintaining iron metabolism.

Available in 500mg for £24.99 and 1000mg for £34.99.

CBD Recover Drops

You’ve completed your burst of activity, and now it’s time to look after your body. Our CBD Recover Drops support your recuperation with three lead ingredients: Turmeric, Curcumin and Vitamin D3, the last of which is renowned for maintaining muscle, bone, and immune system function.

Available in 500mg for £24.99 and 1000mg for £34.99.

Woman stretching

CBD Relax Drops

People often forget the key role resting takes in an active lifestyle The final stage of Vitality CBD’s fitness routine is rest, supported by the CBD Relax Drops. They include Magnesium, 5-HTP and Lemon Balm, known for its role as an antioxidant and promoting a a good, calm rest.

Available in 500mg for £24.99 and 1000mg for £34.99.

CBD Muscle Rub

In order to support our four fitness CBD drops, we’ve also formulated the versatile CBD Muscle Rub. Its blend of essential oils and CBD been specially designed to be taken as and when it’s needed, either as a post-exercise balm, or as a more consistent salve throughout the day.

Available in 300mg for £29.99

Learn more about CBD

We’re proud of our new range, and what it represents for the UK CBD market. If you want to find out more about each product, either check out the individual product pages above, or have a peak at our comprehensive Active page.

New to CBD, and unsure what it’s all about? Then why not give our introductory CBD guide a read. It’s a great starting point for new users, with multiple entry points depending on your query so you can feel confident to buy CBD

Got a more direct question? You can reach out to one of our CBD experts anytime reach via our CBD contact page or our web chat in the bottom right corner of each page. Whatever your query, Vitality CBD is here.