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Berry Flavour CBD Vape E-liquid 30ml


Berry flavoured Broad Spectrum CBD e-liquid is an efficient and delicious way to take CBD.

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  • Sweet berry flavour for a more traditional vape taste
    Broad spectrum CBD for a more accurate hemp experience
    Designed for use specifically with popular MTL kits

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  • Description
  • Berry Flavour Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid

    Our Berry Flavour Broad-Spectrum CBD e-liquid is a fantastic and comprehensive way to take CBD via e-cigarette. Ideal for use with Mouth-to-Lung devices, this e-liquid contains CBD as well as several other hemp derived compounds, but with 0% THC. The sweet and rich berry flavour is perfect for those who want a more traditional e-liquid experience or don’t enjoy the natural taste of hemp.

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  • Formula
    • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

      Our Berry Flavour Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid retains a range of other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, all with 0% THC.

    • 75% PG, 25% VG

      The 75/25 PG:VG ratio of our Berry CBD e-liquid is best suited for Mouth-to-Lung vaping and produces fresh and clear flavours.

    • Natural Berry Flavour

      Our Berry flavoured Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid provides an uplifting, fruity taste for your palate with earthy undertones which are harnessed from our hemp seed carrier oil.

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  • Ingredients
  • Berry Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid Ingredients:

    CBD, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural Berry Flavouring.

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CBD Usage

CBD usage guide
  • 1

    Shake well before use

  • 2

    Use in an MTL e‑cigarette up to 15W (with a coil resistance of 0.9‑1.8Ω)

  • 3

    Vape in the same manner as mouth-to-lung e-liquid

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Berry Flavour Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid FAQs

  • Can I use Broad Spectrum CBD e-liquids with nicotine?

    Our Broad Spectrum CBD e-liquids should not be used to vape nicotine. The addition of nicotine will damage the careful formulation of our CBD e-liquids, so we strongly advise customers not to add nicotine or nicotine shot e-liquids to them.

  • Does a higher CBD strength affect the flavour?

    Higher concentrations of CBD naturally increase the earthy hemp flavour, but we make sure that our flavours always shine through. For higher CBD strengths, we always increase the amount of Berry flavouring to ensure that your e-liquids taste great no matter what strength you choose.

  • What e-cigarettes are suitable for using CBD e-liquids?

    Our Broad Spectrum CBD e-liquids are best used with a Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) e-cigarette. MTL e-cigarettes are small, commonly used devices which are more affordable than larger box shaped devices. To see if your device is capable of MTL vaping and therefore suitable for CBD e-liquids, simply check your manufacturer's guide.

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