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As the UK's leading brand of CBD, we provide a full range of CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD topicals, CBD e-liquids and CBD edibles. Each of these uses our high quality hemp extract, with 0.0% THC. Got any questions before you buy CBD? Check our FAQs at the bottom.

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What CBD product is right for me?

The best CBD product depends from person to person and choosing the right CBD product is a unique journey for each user. As a natural product, CBD, or cannabidiol, is immensely adaptable, meaning it works great in a variety of different forms. Before you buy CBD, let’s break down what those options are:

CBD Oils

CBD oils are the most common and traditional way of taking CBD. Available as either CBD sprays or CBD drops, CBD oils are a great starting point since they come in a variety of strengths and flavours, as well as being an easy-to-dose form of CBD.

CBD E-liquids

One of the most efficient methods of taking CBD is a CBD vape juice. That’s why we provide a massive range of strengths, flavours and CBD types—vaping CBD has never been better than with Vitality CBD.

CBD Topicals

CBD cosmetics & CBD topicals are becoming increasingly popular. As a unique way to take CBD externally, we always make sure our best quality CBD is supported by an industry-best cosmetic product.

CBD Edibles

This category covers our CBD Gummy Bears. These are a perfect way to supplement your daily CBD intake, and a tasty way to get a precise dose. In fact, our CBD gummy bears are one of our most popular products and a perfect way to begin taking CBD alongside CBD oil.

What are the different CBD types?

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is 99.9% pure CBD, with no extra hemp compounds and 0% THC. This form of CBD is perfect as support for CBD cosmetics or CBD supplements.

Broad Spectum CBD

Contains the full balance of all the hemp compounds with 0% THC. This is the best CBD for our users looking to take CBD directly, since it’s the most natural, safe form.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD contains the full range of cannabinoids found in the hemp flower, including THC. For this reason it is harder to find and buy in the UK as it is usually prohibited by law. Unlike the other forms of CBD, full spectrum CBD could be intoxicating and cause a ‘high’ effect.

What CBD dosage should I take?

Finding the optimum CBD dosage is a different process for everyone, but we have the knowledge to help you find yours today. We’ve compiled extensive data which shows that users range anywhere from 20-120mg per day, with the most satisfied CBD users being at the higher end of that range.

Begin at 70mg a day as a healthy starting point. If you are satisfied, shift down by 20mg a day. If you aren't satisfied, contact our friendly CBD mentors for further advice. You can repeat this process each week till you feel you're totally satisfied — this is your optimum CBD dosage. We’d always suggest experimenting with a higher dose, because you can always go back to a lower one later.

Why is CBD so popular?

CBD is popular due to its versatility and the fact it is a totally natural plant extract. Millions of people across the UK now use CBD regularly for a variety of purposes via many different CBD products. For example, CBD oils can be combined with additional natural extracts such as lemon balm or turmeric to help tailor them for sleep or metabolism. For those with skin or muscle complaints, CBD can be easily integrated into balms and creams.

Explore the world of CBD and you are sure to find a product that meets your needs. It's never been easier to begin taking CBD, helped by improving CBD supply and better public understanding of this amazing extract.

Can CBD make you sick?

To date, there have been no known public health problems associated with CBD use. If you have any allergies, check the ingredients of each CBD product carefully as they contain multiple ingredients, just like any other product. For example, CBD oils use carrier oils such as MCT coconut oils or hemp oil. If you are allergic to any of these ingredients besides CBD then they could cause irritation or more.