As of February
2020 there were

1.6 million

active CBD users in the UK.

They've all found their
optimum CBD dosage.
It's time to find yours.

We created the below flowchart following
months of research with our users. If you
follow this path, week-on-week, you'll find
your own optimum dosage.

Dosage vs. consumer


In speaking to our users, we found that
satisfaction spiked at 70mg a day. That's why
we recommend it to new & old users alike.

Proper CBD usage

To ensure you reach your optimum dosage,
we would recommend using our Oral Drops
and Oral Spray under the tongue. This helps
CBD absorb efficiently into the bloodstream.

Hold it under

the tongue for


We've found that 72% of
people prefer our CBD Oral
Spray to our Oral Drops

Users who took CBD every day vs. every
few days are over 78% more likely to
recommend CBD to friends and family.

They followed our dosage flowchart for 21
consecutive days, and over 80% of them
were more satisfied.


How long we
suggest you use
CBD every day.

The daily CBD
dose we suggest
starting with.

The percentage
of users who were
more satisfied.


of people initially
said they wouldn't
take CBD again

After the 21 day challenge
that number fell down to


Take it before
brushing your teeth!

Then again just before you go to sleep.