CBD Cleanse & Exfoliate Collection

First up, are our range of CBD cleansers. Covering a CBD Exfoliator and a CBD Cleanser these are set to become essential parts of your skincare routine, promoting clear, fresh skin.

CBD Exfoliator

CBD Cleanser

“My skin has never felt so fresh. I love, love, love the Anti-Blemish Cream — I can’t imagine life without it now.” - Anna Brown

CBD Moisturisers Collection

Every item in our moisturiser range has been specially formulated to hydrate and support your skin through natural processes. Our CBD Anti-ageing Cream, CBD Anti-blemish Cream and CBD Dry Skin Cream all help your body, rather than changing it.

CBD Anti-ageing

CBD Anti-blemish

CBD Dry Skin Cream

“I used to really struggle with dry skin...no more! I use the Body Cream basically every day.” - Marion Owen

CBD Serums & Treatments Collection

These are some of our most complex and premium formulations, but they’re still all natural. Alongside our three lead ingredients, our Face Serum and Eye Serum both work exclusively with botanically-derived active ingredients.

CBD Eye Serum

CBD Face Serum

“I’ve tried a lot of Anti-Ageing Creams, but this is my new favourite. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks but the difference is huge!” - Rikki Ashman

CBD Masks Collection

Got some much needed time , and want to really indulge yourself? Then our CBD Face Mask is perfect for you. Our natural formulation means it’s safe for sensitive skin, making it great for all of our users. It’s the best way to polish and smooth your skin.

CBD Face Mask

“I still take CBD other ways but in the bath is the best. So soothing, and I love how it smells. Great!!!” - Izzy Keaney

CBD Body Collection

After all that, you probably just want to kick back and relax. That’s where our CBD body products come in, ranging from CBD Bath Salts to a CBD Body Cream. Designed with soothing in mind, this collection is a must after a hard day.

CBD Bath Bomb

CBD Bath Salts

CBD Body Cream

"I've not tried the whole Infused range, but I still can't get enough of the CBD Body Cream. Looking forward to giving everything else a go!" - Charlotte Towler

CBD Sun Collection

Skin-care isn’t just about an everyday routine, it’s about paying attention to when it needs some extra care. Our CBD After Sun is all about swift, clean responses to potential damage. The perfect response to the sun’s damaging rays.

CBD After Sun

"I never used to pay much attention to the sun, but now I always use the Vitality CBD After Sun. Sun damage is a real issue for healthy skin."