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  • 500mg CBD + CBG
  • Up to 700 Puffs
  • 0% THC
  • 0% Nicotine

Fresh Mint CANABAR™ Disposable CBD Vape Device 500mg CBD + CBG

Brand new CANABAR Fresh Mint is refreshingly crisp! Energise your senses with each and every puff filled with minty freshness!
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  • CANABAR™ Disposable Vapes

    CANABAR is designed to make vaping CBD easier than ever while also delivering incredible flavour. Every CANABAR is pre-charged and pre-filled so no assembly or refills are required, each device is also nicotine-free. Each puff delivers 0.7mg of CBD+CBG, meaning you only need 100 puffs for a 70mg daily dose. CANABAR contains up to 700 puffs - once expired, simply dispose of responsibly.

    New canabar flavours
  • CBD + CBG
  • Contains 350mg CBD & 150mg CBG

    Unlike many other e-liquids, CANABAR contains a unique blend of both CBD and CBG. CBG, like CBD, is a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant. CBG is not as prevalent in hemp and is harder to extract but can be used for the exact same reasons as CBD. CBG also creates a smoother throat hit for a more pleasant vape, and even complements the CBD content.

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  • Why Choose CANABAR?
  • Effortless CBD Vaping

    CANABAR is the perfect way to start vaping CBD, one of the most efficient ways to dose. Co-developed by Vitality CBD, CANABAR represents the highest quality CBD disposable available in the UK. The unique blend of CBD and CBG gives users a more pleasant vape and incredible flavours. Each device contains 0% nicotine.

    new CANABAR flavours
  • Ingredients
  • Fresh Mint CANABAR E-liquid (2.3ml)

    Propylene Glycol, CBD Isolate (350mg), Vegetable Glycerine, CBG Isolate (150mg), Ethyl Butyrate and Lactic Acid.

    New CANABAR flavours

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  • What does Fresh Mint taste like?

    Fresh Mint is a delightfully refreshing flavour. If you're a fan of more traditional tasting vapes, Fresh Mint is perfect for you.

  • What does 'ice' mean in vape flavours?

    The ice effect in e-liquids is created by an additive that creates a cool, menthol-like feeling in the mouth. The result is a refreshing icy sensation that follows every puff. This is very common and popular amongst vapers, with some whole brands built around providing icy flavours.

    Can I use your CBD Oil and CANABARs together?

    Yes, you certainly can. CANABARs are an ideal CBD top up option for you to achieve a more comprehensive CBD experience. Our recommended daily dosage is 70mg.

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