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All of our creams are infused with hiqh-quality CBD and other natural ingredients perfect for a wide variety of applications.


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What are the benefits of CBD facial cream?

CBD facial creams have a wide variety of applications and many ways to complement your skincare routine. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory and can help reduce irritation, redness and other problems associated with inflammation.
CBD can also be combined with a wide range of other skin-loving natural ingredients such as salicylic acid, niacinamide and Argan stem cells. This means you can find products such as exfoliators, anti-blemish creams and anti-ageing creams all containing CBD.

How does CBD face cream work?

CBD in facial creams works by interacting with receptors in the skin. When CBD is applied topically, the CBD absorbs a little into the skin where it can then interact with receptors which can provide an anti-inflammatory response. Because of how easily CBD interacts with your skin, it can be used in a variety of products that don’t even need to be left on the skin to absorb. CBD can affect the skin even in wash-off treatments such as exfoliators and cleansers.

Why use CBD face cream?

Facial creams with CBD can be seen as a more natural alternative to other ingredients. CBD is a naturally occurring found in hemp, and undergoes very little processing to be ready for use in cosmetics. CBD can also be used alongside many other plant-based skincare ingredients. Because CBD is so versatile, you will find it across the whole range of facial skincare phases from cleansers to face serums.

How do I use CBD face cream?

CBD facial creams are no harder to use than any other cream or lotion. How to use every product should be clearly explained on the packaging. This includes any safety information along with how often to apply the product for best results.