CBD Bath

CBD Bath Salts and Bath Bombs are the perfect addition to a pampering evening.

Our CBD Bath bomb and CBD bath salts contain epsom salts to relax tense muscles while you relax in CBD infused waters.


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What are CBD Bath Salts, and how do they work?

Our rose scented CBD Bath Salts help to introduce CBD into your everyday routine with a focus of winding down naturally. Using a comforting ingredient blend including high magnesium, our CBD Bath Salts aid in detoxifying and smoothing the skin, stimulating circulation, all while relieving any tensions felt throughout the day.

Simply pop our CBD Bath Salts into a warm, running bath and let your body harness a natural state of ease and restfulness. The usages don’t just stop there, however! Try sitting back and using our CBD Bath Salts in a warm foot soak for a soothing sauna effect.

What are CBD Bath Bombs, and how do they work?

Our CBD Bath Bombs offer the perfect excuse to pause your day and soak in a bubbly haven. With naturally gentle aromas including lavender and chamomile, our CBD Bath Bombs are an aromatherapy treat which help to moisturise the skin and promote a peaceful sense of composure. Did we mention that our bath bombs are quite possibly one of the most fun ways to try CBD?