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Infused: Bath Salts Dead Sea Salt


CBD Bath Salts infused with Dead Sea Salt to relax and restore your skin and muscles. Replace magnesium lost through sweat and unwind muscles with our signature blend of bath salts.

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    Ingredients & Benefits
  • CBD Bath Salts Benefits

    We’ve blended CBD and Dead Sea Salt due to create a luxurious and therapeutic bath salt. Dead Sea Salt is well-renowned for its rich array of minerals and its ability to detoxify the skin while CBD can interact with receptors in the skin to further reduce inflammation. A delightful peppermint fragrance completes a renewing bath-time experience.

    Dead Sea Bath Salts with Peppermint Leaves
  • Dead Sea Salts
  • Dead Sea Salt

    Dead Sea Salts are high in Magnesium, which is essential for the proper functioning of hundreds of enzymes across the body. By restoring the Magnesium lost through sweat to the skin our salts can provide a variety of benefits.

    Dead Sea Bath Salts with Peppermint Leaves
  • Full Ingredients
  • Infused: Bath Salts Ingredients:

    Maris sal (Dead Sea Salt), Mentha Piperita (Peppermint essential oil), Mentha Piperita (Dried Mint Leaves), Cannabidiol (CBD).

    Dead Sea Bath Salts with Peppermint Leaves
  • Why Choose Vitality CBD?
  • Colorado-sourced CBD:

    Our natural hemp extract is grown in Colorado, a state known for its expertise and history of hemp cultivation. The final hemp harvest then has the CBD extracted carefully, resulting in the pure CBD extract we use in our CBD cosmetics.

    Independent Lab Testing:

    Once our CBD extract is ready, we send each and every batch to be independently tested in a laboratory. This means two things: we can meticulously check if each batch of CBD meets our high standards, and that you can view the results of each lab test for extra peace of mind.

    All of our Infused products come with a CBD batch number on their packaging. You can enter this number on our CBD Lab Reports page to view the corresponding lab report and see exactly what's in your product.

    Dead Sea Bath Salts with Peppermint Leaves
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  • 1Run a warm bath and drop in your desired amount
  • 2Ensure that the salts have dissolved before stepping into the bath
  • 3Rinse off and follow with our CBD Body Cream
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Infused: Bath Salts FAQs

  • How much CBD Bath Salt should I use?

    Simply pop a handful of our rejuvenating CBD Bath Salts into a warm, running bath. As the salts begin to dissolve, slowly step in and make sure to breathe in the mint fragrance while you soak.

  • Why is magnesium so important for the body?

    Magnesium is an essential nutrient for any healthy lifestyle. Our Epsom Salts include Magnesium, which is vital for the proper functioning of hundreds of enzymes across the body.

  • How else can I use CBD Bath Salts?

    Our CBD Bath Salts can also be used in a warm foot soak for a rejuvenating sauna experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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