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Convenient And Efficient

Vaping CBD is combining the best of two worlds. It allows CBD to enter your bloodstream more efficiently and can be done at home or on the move. Select from a range of exciting flavour combinations and vape your way to improved wellbeing.

Developed to compliment your healthy lifestyle

Developed to compliment your healthy lifestyle

CANABAR CBD Disposable VapesEffortless CBD Vaping

These disposable CBD vape devices are full of high quality CBD and incredible fruit flavours.

Every bar is ready straight out of the box, making it simpler than ever to begin vaping CBD. CANABAR contains up to 700 puffs worth of CBD e-liquid and 500mg of our bespoke CBD+CBG blend.

CBD strengths: 350mg CBD + 150mg CBG

6 Flavours Available

CANABAR Frequently Asked Questions
Are CANABAR Disposables legal?

Yes, CANABAR Disposables are crafted and distributed in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations governing CBD products. We prioritise adherence to local and federal guidelines to ensure a legal and responsible experience for our customers.

How long does a CANABAR Disposable last?

The longevity of a CANABAR Disposable depends on individual usage habits. On average, a fully charged disposable can provide up to 700 puffs, making it an excellent choice for both occasional and moderate users. The LED indicator light on the device will flash when the battery is running low, signalling it's time for a new CANABAR Disposable.

Are CANABARs nicotine free?

CANABARs contain zero nicotine. Each device contains a signature blend of CBD and CBG, both of which are cannabinoids taken as a complement to healthy lifestyles. Such as the way they are crafted, CANABARs are recommended as a smoking cessation method.

Is vaping CBD better than CBD oils?

Vaping CBD does have certain advantages over vaping cbd oils, the main benefit being bioavailability. Vaping CBD is one of the most efficient ways of introducing it to your bloodstream. In essence, your body makes more use of the CBD introduced than if it were ingested or taken sublingually.

Do CANABAR products contain THC?

No, CANABARs do not contain any traces of THC. No matter how much you puff, you will not experience a high of any kind.

CBD E-liquids Frequently Asked Questions

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