Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oils, Drops and Sprays

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oils, Drops and Sprays

What are CBD drops and sprays?

CBD sprays/drops are simply CBD oils that have either a pipette or spray applicator. These oils can be flavoured, and carry different strengths of CBD. The formulation of drops and sprays are similar, though depending on which type they are, they can make use of different carrier oils.

Are CBD oils legal?

CBD oils are currently completely legal in the UK. CBD is no longer a controlled substance and is even available for purchase in pharmacies and supermarkets. CBD however is still quite a new product, so there is understandably some heightened regulation that surrounds it. 

Due to regulation by the MHRA, CBD can only be sold as a food product and so no medical claims can be made around it. If you see CBD oils online or anywhere else that make health or medical claims about CBD, avoid them. If they are making medical claims, they are in breach of MHRA and other body’s regulations and should not be trusted.

Bottle of berry flavour CBD oil

Why Should I Use CBD Oils?

CBD oils are one of the easiest and most convenient ways of taking CBD. We’ve put together a basic user’s guide for cannabidiol which breaks down other options, but before making your first purchase we think it’s best to be as informed as possible. So, how do CBD oils differ from other CBD products?

CBD Oils are Easy to Use

The linchpin of comprehending the different methods of consuming CBD is bioavailability. In essence, bioavailability is the degree and rate of absorption of any given compound into your circulatory system. Generally, the quicker the pathway into your bloodstream, the higher the bioavailability, hence the use of IV drips in situations where a quick onset is required. 

Accordingly, the issue with taking CBD orally is that it passes through the stomach before reaching circulation, where a good portion of it dissolves. This is why we recommend taking both our Oral Drops and our Oral Spray sublingually, so that the CBD is absorbed through the blood vessels beneath the tongue. 

Simply lift your tongue and either use the pipette for our oral drops, or the spray applicator for our oral spray to administer a few drops. Then, wait for around 90 seconds until all of the CBD oil has been absorbed. Don’t worry if you swallow some! It’s perfectly safe for ingestion, it’s just noticeably less efficient. 

What is Best, Oral Drops or Oral Spray?

So, how are you supposed to decide between the Oral Drops and Oral Spray?

CBD Oral Drops

The main distinction between the two is the choice of carrier oil. This is just what it sounds like: the oil we blend our CBD extract with so it’s easier to ingest. For our Oral Drops, at Vitality CBD we have selected hemp seed oil as a carrier, renowned for being high in omega fatty acids and proteins.

CBD Oral Spray

For some people, placing natural oils beneath their tongue can be an odd experience, which is why at Vitality CBD we’ve developed alternative solutions, including our CBD Oral Spray. Rather than a viscous liquid, instead you can deliver your CBD in a fine spray, making the process lighter and easier.

Instead of hemp seed oil, our Oral Spray utilises MCT (coconut) oil as its carrier, the purpose of which is twofold. Firstly, studies have repeatedly proven that MCT oil is particularly conducive with cannabidiol, and secondly, the coconut flavour further makes the process of sublingual ingestion easier due to its mellow flavour. 

Our new and improved spray applicator ensures the CBD oil is dispersed in a wider spray, minimising the oily texture and ensuring the CBD oil remains perfectly palatable. This, mixed with our three flavours (Natural, Berry & Lemon) ensures that our CBD Oral Spray is one of the freshest ways to take CBD on the market.

As well as being easy to apply, the spray nozzle also makes CBD easy to dose. Whilst topicals, e-liquids, and even pipette-applied drops can be hard to gauge the volume of, the consistency of the ml delivered by our spray action and our helpful guide on the back of each box means that you can keep track of your exact MG intake throughout the day.

Bottle of lemon flavour CBD oil

What CBD oil flavours are there?

Whilst the carrier oils contribute to the taste and consistency of each product, both of our orals oils also come in three unique flavours, each handpicked due to Vitality CBD’s belief that they complement the CBD experience. See a breakdown here:


This is the true CBD experience, maximising the naturally earthy flavours of hemp in a palatable, organic way.


The citrus notes in our lemon drops and spray come from our organic lemon essential oils, making for the perfect zest.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the one for you. The natural sugars of the blackberry flavouring counter the earthy hemp perfectly.

What are the different CBD oil strengths?

The other major difference between our CBD oils is the strength. That’s why we’ve kept it simple, breaking it down into low, medium and high categories. If you’re unsure where to start, see our helpful breakdown below:

600mg CBD Oils

An introduction to the world of CBD. A good starting point for those to become used to the oil drops and sprays. We recommend 600mg to top up your CBD intake rather than use consistently.

1200mg CBD oils

1200mg oils start to become much better value per mg of CBD. 1200mg is a great starting point for those looking to start taking CBD regularly.

2400mg CBD oils

These higher strength oils make taking CBD a breeze; this is where you’ll really start to notice the improved cost per mg of CBD. These are ideal for regular CBD users and those looking to make an easy, consistent start to taking CBD.

4800mg CBD oils

The highest strength CBD oil we stock. This premium CBD product offers the best price per mg of CBD we have. This is the oil we recommend for regular and experienced CBD users who want to get the most out of regular CBD use.

Learning more

Our current product range is a reflection of years of research and development, all guided by Vitality CBD’s central belief in the natural synergy of the hemp plant. To learn more about the rest of our product range, see our articles on our CBD vape oils and our CBD cosmetics, or, if you just want to get a better overview on cannabidiol, see our complete collection of CBD guides here!

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