Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oils, Drops and Sprays

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oils, Drops and Sprays

What are CBD drops and sprays?

CBD sprays and drops are simply CBD oils that have either a pipette or spray applicator. These oils have various flavours, they carry different strengths of CBD and can have added supplements to support a specific effect. The formulations of drops and sprays are similar, though they make use of different carrier oils.


Are CBD oils legal?

CBD oils are currently completely legal in the UK. Pure CBD is not a controlled substance and is even available for purchase in pharmacies and supermarkets. However, CBD is still quite a new product, so there are understandably some heightened regulations that surround it. The European Food and Safety Authority classes CBD as a novel food and current UK regulations are building on this.

Due to regulation by the MHRA, commercially available CBD oils can only be sold as a food product, so no medical claims can be made about them. CBD oils sold online or anywhere else that makes health or medical claims about CBD should be avoided, as they are in breach of regulations and so their content, safety and quality cannot be guaranteed.

A few CBD medicines do exist in the UK, including in oil form, but they are prescription-only for a handful of conditions, so you won’t just find them in a regular online shop. You’ll find these referred to as “medical cannabis”.


Are CBD oils safe?

The current legislation states that all CBD oil products available to the UK’s general public must be authorised by the UK's FSA before they are put on the market. This is to ensure they are safe for consumption and so you can know our CBD products have been thoroughly vetted before reaching you. While the full authorisation is a lengthy and ongoing process for all CBD merchants, all Vitality CBD products are currently approved by the FSA to continue to be sold in the UK.

Pure CBD is known to be a safe product for the vast majority of people in normal doses. Unlike its fellow cannabinoid THC, it has no psychotropic effects (it won’t get you “high”) and it’s not addictive. However, CBD has been known to interact with some medicines, so always discuss this with your GP if you’re taking other prescriptions. And, as with any supplements, children and pregnant/breastfeeding people are considered vulnerable, so always be extra careful and consult with your GP before taking CBD.

In addition, at Vitality CBD we go the extra mile and test our products at an independent third-party laboratory, for objective peace of mind. We check that the concentration is as intended, that THC and contaminants are not present, and that our products remain stable over time. You can even check your product batch lab results here.


Woman pondering over two different oil bottles, how do I choose a CBD oil?

How Do I Choose a CBD Oil?

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of products in our shop? We’ve actually got three main CBD oil categories, depending on what you’re hoping to get out of your CBD experience.

Vitality CBD Well-being Range

Our original product line, for when you just want to give your endocannabinoid system a helping hand with some CBD oils (as well as creams and gummies!). Every bottle contains a carrier oil, pure CBD, flavouring and nothing else. Available in four strengths and three flavours, they are perfect for CBD beginners and experienced users alike.

Vitality CBD Support Range

Our premium range, with added supplements to support your relaxation. Two different combinations of essential vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, carefully selected to help you reach a state of calm and of sleep, respectively. To make things even more relaxing, you won’t have other decisions to make – we’ve used extensive testing to narrow them down to one strength and one delicious flavour each.

Vitality CBD Active CBD Range

Our fitness-focused range of CBD oils (and a CBD Rub!) to complement each stage of your exercise regime. Each product of the Active range is enriched with vitamins, minerals and natural extracts for a bespoke CBD experience that will optimally help you achieve your purpose: jump-start your activity with Boost, concentrate with Focus, bounce back with Recover and unwind with Relax. Each oil comes in its own flavour and with three different strengths.

Read on to find out how to use CBD oils and how to further refine your product choice.


Bottle of berry flavour CBD oil spray, surrounded by berries

How Should I Use CBD Oils?

CBD oils are one of the easiest and most convenient ways of taking CBD for a body-wide effect. We’ve put together , but before making your first purchase we think it’s best to be as informed as possible.

CBD Oils Are Quick and Easy to Use

The most important term to understand when deciding how to consume CBD is bioavailability. In essence, bioavailability means how much of a compound is available for the body to use at its intended destination. As CBD receptors are everywhere in the body, any CBD that gets into the bloodstream can be used anywhere the blood reaches. Generally, the quicker and more direct the pathway into your bloodstream, the higher (and quicker) a compound’s bioavailability is – this is why emergency medicines are often injected. 

Since CBD oils are not medicines and can’t be injected, one of the next best options is to apply them in a place where blood vessels are very close to the surface and absorption can take place through direct contact, such as under your tongue. This is why we recommend taking both our Oral Drops and our Oral Spray sublingually


Pipette dropping CBD under the tongue illustration

Simply administer a few drops (using the pipette for our oral drops) or place a few puffs (using the spray applicator for our oral sprays) underneath your tongue. Then wait for around 90 seconds, until the oil has been absorbed. Don’t worry if you swallow some at the end! CBD oil is perfectly safe for ingestion, it’s just less efficient once digested.


CBD Oil Drops bottle leaning on Spray bottle, Spray or Drops?

What’s the Difference Between Oral Drops and Oral Spray?

So, how do you decide between Vitality CBD Oral Drops and Oral Spray?

CBD Oral Drops

The main distinction between the two is the choice of carrier oil. This is just what it sounds like: the oil we blend our CBD extract with so it’s easier to ingest.

For our Oral Drops, we have selected hemp seed oil as a carrier, renowned for being high in omega fatty acids and proteins. The Oral Drops will feel a bit thicker and, for the Natural versions, you will be able to really enjoy the full hemp flavour.

CBD Oral Spray

Some users don’t enjoy or have difficulty using a pipette to place natural oils beneath their tongue, so we’ve developed an alternative solution.

Instead of hemp seed oil, our Oral Sprays utilise MCT (coconut) oil as a carrier. Studies have shown that MCT oil supports the action of cannabidiol and the coconut flavour is more palatable to those who don’t enjoy the natural flavour of hemp. As MCT oil is thinner than hemp oil, our new and improved spray applicator ensures the CBD oil is dispersed in a wider spray, minimising the oily texture and hemp flavour.

As well as being easy to apply, the spray nozzle also makes CBD oil easy to dose consistently. Use the spray applicator and our handy guide on the back of each box to keep track of your exact intake throughout the day.

Still Can’t Decide?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our Well-being Range 2400mg and 4800mg strength oils, as well as our Support Range oils, come with both a pipette and a spray nozzle, so you can take your daily CBD dose in whichever way suits you best.




Bottle of lemon flavour CBD oil, surrounded by lemons

What CBD oil flavours are there?

While the carrier oils contribute to the taste and consistency of each product, our main Vitality CBD oils come in three unique flavours, handpicked to complement the CBD experience.


This is the “true” CBD experience, maximising the naturally earthy flavours of hemp in a palatable, organic way.


The citrus notes in our lemon drops and spray come from our organic lemon essential oils, for a zesty dose of CBD.


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the one for you. The natural sweetness of the blackberry flavour counters the earthy hemp perfectly.

In addition to these, our Support and Active ranges of oils have their own unique zesty flavours – but don’t go on taste alone: each of these has a particular ingredient formulation for a targeted effect!


What are the different CBD oil strengths?

Another difference between our CBD oils is the strength. The stronger the oil, the less you need to take to reach your daily dose, so it’s better value and a bottle lasts longer. We’re offering four strength categories in our CBD Well-being Range, three strengths in our Active CBD Range and one strength category in our CBD Support Range. If you’re unsure where to start, see our helpful breakdown below.

Vitality CBD Well-being Range

600mg CBD oils

An introduction to the world of CBD and a good starting point for those new to using oil drops and sprays. Once you’ve got the basics down, we recommend using our 600mg oils to top up your CBD intake rather than just as a consistent low dose.

1200mg CBD oils

Our 1200mg oils start to become much better value per mg of CBD. This strength is great for those looking to start taking CBD regularly.

2400mg CBD oils

These higher strength oils make taking CBD a breeze. 2400 mg is the ideal strength for regular and consistent CBD users.

4800mg CBD oils

The highest strength oil we stock, offering the best price per mg of CBD that we have. The premium oil we recommend for regular and experienced CBD users who want to get the most out of their daily dose.

Vitality CBD Active CBD Range

500mg CBD oils

A good starting point for Active Range users and a handy top-up for those unexpectedly difficult days.

1000mg CBD oils

Our medium-strength formulations are a better value once you’re used to regularly incorporating our Active Range into your active lifestyle.

2000mg CBD oils

The highest strength Active Range oil makes it easy to dose your CBD according to your activity needs, especially on the most demanding days.

Vitality CBD Support Range

1200mg CBD oils

To simplify your rest and relaxation, we’ve streamlined the formulations of the Support Range into a single strength, optimising the balance between CBD and the added supplements in one simple package.


Learning more

To learn more about the rest of our product range, see our articles on our CBD-infused cosmetics, our best-selling CBD vapes or our popular CBD gummies. Or, if you just want to get a better overview on cannabidiol, see our complete collection of CBD guides here!

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