Exploring the Relationship Between CBD and Sport

Exploring the Relationship Between CBD and Sport

With the rise in popularity of CBD usage, it seems an apt time to discuss the relationship between CBD and sports. CBD is being used on a daily basis for a wide variety of reasons. While the benefits of CBD for general well-being is what is mostly explored in the media, we shouldn't discount its prevalence in other areas.

Of course, in this case we are referring to CBD use in sports and fitness. It's now quite common to see products infused with CBD included in the kit of professional and amateur athletes alike. But how common is CBD use in sports, and what are the benefits?

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Do People Use CBD for Sport and Fitness?

Yes! Many people choose to use CBD as part of their fitness routine. It’s not uncommon to see fitness CBD products sold in gyms alongside more mainstream supplements. You’ll find CBD oils, CBD balms and CBD edibles as standalone products, or see products like protein or creatine powders infused with CBD hemp extract.

One of the main reasons CBD has seen such a quick uptake across many sports is its versatility. CBD can easily be integrated into many products favoured by sportspeople and gym-goers whether they prefer topicals or ingestibles. These products however, are not suitable for traditional CBD dosing and rather focus on the potentially anti-inflammatory properties that CBD possesses.

That is not to say, however, that products designed for dosing such as CBD oils cannot be tailored for a sporty lifestyle. CBD oils possess the ability to be infused with additional supplements that benefit an active lifestyle. Whether you are a CBD user looking to tailor your products, or a gym-goer looking to try CBD, there are a multitude of options right at your fingertips.

No, according to UK Anti-Doping, CBD is not a prohibited substance in sport. CBD was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of prohibited substances in 2018 and is now permissible in many elite-level sports.

However, athletes and competitors must remain aware that other cannabinoids remain prohibited. THC is still a banned substance and can be found in some CBD products as well as cannabis and hemp. Luckily, most CBD products need to be made from hemp extract containing less than 0.2% THC to be legal in the UK. Though only trace amounts of THC may remain, always check available lab reports before using CBD products.

Reputable CBD brands will be listed on the FSA’s list of approved CBD products. Though this goes some way to guarantee CBD products contain little to no THC, only use CBD products where clear lab reports are available. This way, safe and legal levels of THC can be guaranteed.

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Why Do Athletes Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil, and other CBD products for that matter, offer athletes a unique alternative to other health supplements. Many common fitness supplements come with some notable downsides or even side-effects, whereas CBD to date has only shown to have mild side-effects in very high quantities. Studies have shown that CBD is generally well tolerated, making it an easy and low-risk addition to a fitness regime.

Another attractive part of CBD is the fact it is a totally natural compound. CBD is one of hundreds of naturally occurring compounds found in hemp and so offers people a more organic alternative to synthetic fitness supplements. Unlike whey protein for example, CBD is also completely vegan, though this does depend on what product it is found in.

As mentioned before, CBD is also incredibly versatile. You can find CBD products designed for every stage of a workout from pre-workout to recovery, the latter being particularly popular.

Are There Sports CBD Products?

Yes, you can now find many CBD products formulated specifically for sport and exercise. These come in many shapes and sizes including CBD oils, CBD balms and supplements infused with CBD. Below are some of the most common examples that you can easily find on sale in the UK.

CBD Sport Oils

CBD sport oils are simply CBD oils that have been tailored for use in exercise or sport. This is done by including additional supplements alongside CBD as part of the tincture’s carrier oil.

CBD oils can easily be infused with other natural ingredients that can complement the CBD content and focus the oil for a specific purpose. CBD oils built for recovery often include proven ingredients like turmeric or vitamin D3 that can reduce inflammation and improve metabolism for quicker recovery.

CBD oils can also be designed for effective pre-workout use as well. Natural ingredients such as ashwagandha and even popular vitamins can be added to CBD oils to create a product that helps prepare the body for an extended period of exertion.

CBD for Sports Performance

CBD for use in sports is without doubt growing in popularity. CBD being removed from the list of prohibited substances has only reinforced confidence in the naturally occurring hemp compound. Indeed, many professional athletes have endorsed CBD use and even created their own CBD brands.

Last year, Vitality CBD was represented at the Arnold Sports Festival 2022. Established bodybuilders spoke about their CBD usage and how it helps them train and prepare for competitions.


This doesn't mean that CBD is only for elite athletes. With CBD becoming more affordable, CBD infused products are now an interesting option for anybody leading an active lifestyle. CBD can easily be obtained in a variety of formats and might just be the next must-have for gym bags across the world.

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