Exploring our CBD Isolate E-liquids

Exploring our CBD Isolate E-liquids

Discovering CBD E-liquids

The CBD market is at an exciting part of its life-cycle. As it continues to expand in size—recent surveys estimated there were 1.3 million active users in the UK—the number of CBD options are expanding rapidly as well. That’s why we’re here to break down your options and find your best fit.

With the launch of our new range of CBD Isolate E-liquids we wanted to take the time to explain the extensive thought process that went into developing them. Before we get too ahead of ourselves though, let’s go over some CBD basics. It's never been a better time to buy CBD

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 113 cannabinoids that have been discovered so far in the hemp plant. Despite being named after the cannabis plant, CBD actually directly mirror chemicals the human body produces. When you take CBD, it interacts with a pre-existing network known as the endocannabinoid system.

The most common categories of CBD products are broad spectrum and isolate, though there are other forms too, like whole plant. Essentially broad spectrum products extract CBD alongside a whole range of other compounds found in the hemp plants, whilst isolates purely extract CBD. Depending on your individual needs, each product has its place.

CBD extraction process

All research conducted CBD so far indicates that it has a good safety profile, with no potential for recreational abuse. This also means that it doesn’t get you intoxicated.

If you’re looking to gain a more substantial understanding of CBD, why not check out our 4-step guide to CBD? Whatever your experience, it provides easy-to-digest information about every element of being a CBD user.

Our CBD Isolate E-liquids

So, why choose CBD Isolate E-liquids? If you’ve ever tried CBD from our current core range, you’ll know that we exclusively use high-quality, organically grown hemp to extract the full range of supportive hemp compounds. We wanted to see if we could make a more convenient, cost-effective solution.

That’s where the idea for our CBD isolate range came from: bold, fresh flavours that are still premium and safe. We’re still using our signature organic hemp, and our accurate CO2 extraction process, but we’re solely extracting 99.9% pure CBD. That’s what makes our latest range direct and to the point.

Using our experience in the vape industry, we’ve put together a range of 6 initial flavours. These are perfect for CBD newcomers, and since they’re isolates, there’s 0% THC. If you don’t want anything other than CBD in an easy-to-vape format, this is the option for you.

All 6 of the Vitality CBD Isolate E-liquids are 50/50 PG/VG, which means the optimum devices for use are mouth-to-lung. These are generally affordable open pod devices, and are commonly available from all major e-liquid retailers.

CBD Isolate E-liquid full range

The full CBD flavour range

The thing we’re most proud of with our new CBD Isolate E-liquids is the 6 flavour profiles we’ve assembled. Each one packs a real, potent punch that we’re sure you’re going to love. What to know more? Check them all out below.

Orange, Elderflower and Lime CBD

Our Orange, Elderflower and Lime flavour CBD Isolate E-liquid uses a zesty blend of tropical citrus tones balanced out smoothly with the quintessentially British elderflower.

Honeydew, Raspberry and Orange CBD

Savour the natural freshness of summer balanced with a little berry tartness with our Honeydew, Raspberry and Orange flavour CBD Isolate E-liquid.

Papaya and Peach CBD

Looking for a really juicy flavour? Our Papaya and Peach CBD Isolate E-liquid has luscious fruity overtones with a sweet aftertaste, making it delicious top-to-bottom.

Grape, Blackcurrant and Aniseed CBD

Our Grape, Blackcurrant and Aniseed flavour CBD Isolate E-liquid is made up of a blend of ripe berry flavours, with a hint of aniseed for that little extra edge.

Passionfruit and Pear CBD

Our Passionfruit and Pear flavour CBD Isolate E-liquid makes for a uniquely alliterative pairing. This one really pops off the tongue thanks to its tropical tang.

Menthol CBD

Not in the mood for a fruity flavour? Our Menthol flavour CBD Isolate E-liquid will leave a tingle on your tongue and a minty fresh taste. 

Who are Vitality CBD?

At Vitality CBD we make all-natural, premium CBD oils from the highest quality organically grown hemp. That's why we make the best CBD. Using supercritical CO2 extractions we further ensure that our products contain 0% THC, meaning that they’re both safe and legal.

Our goal at Vitality is to find new solutions to everyday problems in a manner that’s clean and safe. Our commitment to transparency means all of our products are tested by third-party laboratories—you can check the CBD batch reports for yourself.

Learn more about CBD

We’ve made our CBD Isolate E-liquids as an ideal starting point for new users. They’re simple, straight to the point, and they taste great—what more could you want?

Well we also want our new users to learn more about CBD, and discover why it’s become so widespread in the past couple of years. A great starting point would be our introductory 4-step CBD guide, but you can also check out out full CBD blog for loads of great articles on the CBD industry.

Enjoyed using our Isolate, and want to give a more premium product a go? We also have category pages that cover each of our product ranges, including CBD e-liquids, CBD oils and CBD cosmetics.

If you have any questions about topics not covered here, reach out to us on our CBD contact page or our web chat in the bottom right corner of each page.