Common CBD concerns, and how to resolve them!

Common CBD concerns, and how to resolve them!

At Vitality CBD we talk a lot about the best ways to take CBD oils, and the positive effect proper usage can have on user satisfaction. However, we know that not everyone is satisfied with CBD immediately. That’s why we’re breaking down the most common issues, and how to solve them.

In the past few months we’ve been reaching out to our extensive user base, and asking them how they take and buy CBD. This kind of user outreach is so important to the work we do at Vitality CBD, and in building a user base that is consistently satisfied with CBD. Now, we’re back with the results to make your CBD experience the best it can be.

Our CBD research findings

We’ve polled over 1000 different users, and our findings have informed our new advice around how best to take and buy CBD. Acknowledging that CBD is different for everyone is important, but there are some key tips that will generally improve your everyday satisfaction.

Our initial findings have revealed that doubts around CBD oils and CBD topicals are far from uncommon, with 22% reporting that they weren’t completely satisfied with CBD. After following our new journey closely, however, that number fell to just 4%. That’s why the below data is so important.

Your CBD dosage matters

Our research has emphasised time and time again the importance of dosage. Our most satisfied users consistently take 70mg of CBD a day, which is why we now recommend everyone takes 70mg of CBD a day for a week. That way, you can properly gauge how your body responds to CBD.

People who reported lower satisfaction with CBD products had generally been taking small doses—as soon as they experimented with higher dosages we received much higher positive reactions across the board. Trialling a higher dose is the best way to see whether CBD is for you.

The best part of this process is that it can be temporary. Once you’ve started with a higher dose, you can scale your usage back each week. The easiest way to remember all of this? Our helpful graph below.

Finding your best CBD dosage

One of the other major pieces of feedback we received was that people weren’t one hundred percent sure on how to take CBD oils. That’s why we’ve put together some key tips to make sure you’re not getting it wrong!

Using CBD correctly
  1. When using a pipette, take care to monitor how much oil is in there!
    Sometimes it's easier to do two halves instead.
  2. All of our oils should be taken sublingually (under the tongue).
    Drop/spray the CBD oil and leave for 90 seconds till fully absorbed.
  3. If you’re struggling to hit 70mg, try using different products!
    A CBD Oral Spray with a CBD Muscle Balm is our favourite combo.

Being consistent with CBD

CBD consistency

Another key part of your CBD journey is being consistent. It can be difficult remembering to take your CBD Oral Drops every day, but as you’ll see in the below graph, users who took their dosage every day (or nearly) were far more satisfied than those who only took it intermittently.

Taking CBD night and day

Taking CBD night and day

One of the more surprising things we found in our survey was a difference in satisfaction depending on when CBD is taken. Rather than there being a sweet spot, we found that users who spread their doses throughout the day were most satisfied.

Learn more about CBD

Discovering the best way to take CBD is a communal effort, which is why we’re always looking to hear your stories. You can get in touch with us on our CBD contact page anytime with your opinions on what did or didn’t work about CBD.

We also have category pages that cover each of our product ranges, including CBD e-liquids, CBD oils and CBD cosmetics.  

Even better, we also have a live chat that runs Monday-Friday 9-5pm so you can chat with one of our CBD experts directly. Just click on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your browser! We care about your thoughts, and we’re here to hear them.