Five Reasons Why CBD Gummies Are The Perfect Top-Up Option

Five Reasons Why CBD Gummies Are The Perfect Top-Up Option

For those who enjoy the benefits of regular CBD usage, it can occasionally prove challenging trying to achieve your ideal daily dose. 

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CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound derived from the cannabis plant. It is one of over a hundred cannabinoids identified in cannabis, but unlike its well-known counterpart, cannot get you high. In recent years CBD usage has increased exponentially, so much so it is now being used in foods, e-liquids and other commonly used products.

CBD is traditionally taken orally via a pipette or spray nozzle, though there are other possible methods such as vaping. Once spraying or dripping the required amount of CBD underneath the tongue, you must then wait for it to be absorbed. Although this typically is a quick process, everyone is different, so it may take a while longer to fully absorb the liquid. 

With that being said, CBD gummies are easily eaten and can release up to 25mg of CBD into the body in a short space of time. Here are five reasons why CBD gummies are the perfect top-up options when trying to reach your desired daily dosage. 

  • Precise Dosing
  • CBD gummies offer a convenient way to control and monitor your CBD intake accurately. Each gummy typically contains a pre-measured amount of CBD, usually ranging from 5mg to 25mg. This standardised dosing allows you to know exactly how much CBD you are consuming with each gummy, making it easier to regulate your overall CBD intake.

    Vitality CBD’s Gummy Bears are packed with 5mg of CBD per gummy and each tub comes with 40 gummy bears inside. Our recommended daily dose of CBD is 70mg, so CBD gummies represent a fantastic option when trying to achieve the ideal daily dose. 

  • Discreet and Portable
  • CBD gummies are discreet and easily portable, making them an excellent option for on-the-go CBD supplementation. Their small size and inconspicuous appearance make them ideal for consuming in public settings without drawing unnecessary attention. You can conveniently carry them in your purse, pocket, or travel bag, allowing you to top up your CBD intake wherever you are.

  • Long-Lasting Effects
  • When compared to other forms of CBD consumption, such as vaping or smoking, CBD gummies provide a longer-lasting effect. Once consumed, the CBD in gummies is released gradually as the gummy is digested, resulting in a slow and steady release of the compound into your system. This sustained release ensures a more extended period of CBD benefits, making gummies an ideal choice for those seeking a consistent CBD experience throughout the day.

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  • No Special Equipment or Preparation Needed
  • Unlike CBD oils or tinctures that require precise measuring or vaporizers that need charging and maintenance, CBD gummies can be enjoyed without any additional equipment or preparation. They are ready to consume straight out of the package, eliminating the need for complex instructions or time-consuming processes. CBD gummies are a hassle-free option that allows you to top up your CBD intake effortlessly.

  • Wide Range of Flavours and Varieties
  • CBD gummies come in a wide array of flavours and varieties, catering to different taste preferences. Whether you enjoy fruity flavours, tangy options, or even sour treats, there is a CBD gummy available to suit your palate. This variety ensures that you can find gummies that are not only beneficial but also enjoyable to consume, making your CBD experience even more pleasant. Eating CBD gummies is the best of two worlds; enjoying a delicious snack whilst enhancing your overall wellness.

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    With so many positive factors involved when it comes to using CBD gummies, we’d encourage you all to discover the benefits for yourselves. At Vitality CBD, we specialise in high quality CBD products made from the purest natural ingredients. We’re proud to provide our customers with delicious raspberry and orange flavoured gummies.

    Adding a natural balance to your lifestyle should be a priority. Our CBD products are naturally sourced from hemp and contain no artificial preservatives. You can rest assured that you will be receiving a high-quality product suitable for all lifestyles.

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