Debunking myths: Can you take CBD through your belly button?

Debunking myths: Can you take CBD through your belly button?

CBD is reaching a point of popularity where it seems like most people know about it, and a large number of those people are taking it. A 2019 study found that there were 1.3 million active CBD users in the UK, with a further 6 million having used it occasionally. That’s why ensuring new users are well informed is so important to us at Vitality CBD.

As with any new industry, there’s a large degree of disinformation on the market currently. We never publish anything we don’t believe we can verify either with our own research, or through wider scientific backing. If you’ve read it here, you can trust it. That's why we feel confident saying we're the best place to buy CBD. 

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What is the CBD Pechoti Method?

One of the most prevalent myths we’ve seen recently is the so-called ‘Pechoti Method’. The premise is that CBD oils are best absorbed when taken through your belly button, providing a series of benefits that you wouldn’t receive from taking it elsewhere. We’re here to let you know that this is definitely an urban myth with no credibility.

The Pechoti Method is so named because of a supposed Pechoti gland behind the belly button. The hypothesis suggests that this gland was connected to the umbilical cord during pregnancy. Any and all nutrients that were passed along the cord would then be distributed through the body via this gland.

After the cord is severed after birth, this gland is then left behind, though it’s use as an ingestion point isn’t taken advantage of. Most (less than scientific) sources suggest that there are over 70 million nerves that meet at this one juncture before then dispersing across the entire body.

Is the CBD Pechoti Method real?

Predictably, there isn’t much in the way of actual evidence to back this up, though you will certainly find plenty of anecdotal reports across the internet. Interestingly, most of these are cannabis-related, further raising the question of why it’s only discussed by cannabis users, and why no medical outlets make any reference to it.

In our research we have found some limited references to absorption rates around the navel, but they seem limited and far from conclusive. When you buy CBD with Vitality CBD, we want you to feel secure in knowing we only provide information that’s been verified with some degree of backing.

Since the Pechoti Method only appears in anecdotal circumstances, we feel secure saying there’s limited scientific basis for it. So, it the Pechoti Method real? No, it isn't.

Cannabidiol biovailability

Cannabidiol bioavailability

Whilst the Pechoti Method’s suggestion that there is a network through which compounds can easily be transported is correct, it’s far simpler than rubbing the oil in your belly button. Instead, you want CBD oils to reach your circulatory system, the vast network that connects nearly your entire body.

When a product’s bioavailability is discussed, it means the amount of the compound that your body can put into use. This is predominantly affected by the delivery method, though of course age, weight and metabolism can all have large impacts from person to person.

Vaping CBD and using a product sublingually (letting it soak into the blood vessels beneath the tongue) are generally the quickest means for getting a compound into circulation in high amounts. By contrast, applying CBD externally means it has to be absorbed through the skin first, decreasing the amount that will be distributed around the body.

Our advice would be to use our CBD Oral Spray if you want to make sure the CBD is carried furthest. By using one of our three delicious flavours, you can easily apply it beneath the tongue and ensure it’s carried through your circulatory system across the body. Looking for an external application? Then try our range of CBD topicals

CBD gets you high

Quite a popular myth surrounding CBD- if you take enough of it, you’ll get ‘high.’ We can confirm this is categorically untrue. CBD is an abbreviation of the word cannabidiol, which can be extracted from a cannabis plant. Therefore it’s understandable that some may think CBD has the same effect as smoking cannabis. 

However, this is not the case. The main ingredient in cannabis that results in the user experiencing a high is THC, this is NOT found in CBD. The purpose of CBD is to help alleviate mental and physical ailments, such as stress relief, anxiety and chronic joint pain. If your aim is to get high, unfortunately we cannot recommend any of our products. But if you’re trying to lead a more balanced lifestyle, check out our starter kit, it could be ideal for you.

CBD is an addictive substance

Incorrect. CBD does not have an addictive effect as it is not psychoactive. Simply put, there is nothing in CBD that will trigger the part of your brain that reacts to the addictive substances found in drugs. 

The aim of recreational drugs is to provide the user with enough endorphins to the point where they feel euphoric. CBD (which is 100% legal in the UK) is developed for a different purpose and is manufactured as such, so there is no need to worry about becoming addicted to it. Despite the fact you are able to take it every day, you’re unlikely to experience any kind of withdrawal symptoms linked directly to CBD.

CBD is illegal

Wrong, so very wrong. CBD is perfectly legal in the United Kingdom as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC. It’s apparent that the loose link between CBD and marijuana has confused a lot of people. So to spell it out, marijuana, commonly referred to as weed, is a BANNED class B substance. You are not permitted to use weed unless for medical purposes as prescribed by a doctor or nurse. 

In 2018, UK Parliament officially passed legislation on certain cannabinoids- including CBD. So when using Vitality CBD products, you can rest assured you won’t be getting an unscheduled visit from law enforcement. 

CBD doesn’t work

Now, this myth is somewhat subjective. Everybody is different, therefore different substances will react differently with a lot of people. But to plainly dismiss CBD and claim it doesn’t work couldn’t be further from the truth. 

As of 2023, there are over 6 million people in the UK who actively use CBD, the majority of which state that they feel the benefits. Including anxiety relief, better sleep quality and an overall improvement of general mood- be it calmer, or a nice energy boost. 

The best way to discover if CBD works for you is simply to use it. There are different methods of taking it, including vaping, which has become a social phenomenon in recent years. CANABAR for instance, is an established disposable brand which specialises in devices pre-filled with CBD. They represent an easy and convenient way to inhale CBD as and when the user sees fit. 

CBD is a marketing scam

We all know a conspiracy theorist, don’t we? One of the most common theories regarding CBD is that it is purely a marketing scam designed to get users to part with their hard earned cash. Now, we won’t deny that some wellness industry brands are guilty of releasing placebo products, but CBD is not one of them.

It is important to look out for some products on the market that are more expensive due to the fact that the word ‘CBD’ is attached to it. But Vitality CBD is a reputable brand that's sole focus is helping customers enjoy improved wellbeing. You can use our products with complete confidence that they are designed to assist you in leading an easier life. 

A subsection of this point would be the myth that CBD cures cancer.

A positive myth if there ever was one, for those who’ve suffered the misfortune of being cancer stricken, some CBD based treatments have in fact helped their condition. For example, a study conducted by Columbia University concluded that CBD aided with the treatment of Glioblastoma. It was reported that CBD helped kill the cancerous cells without harming any of the healthy, normal cells.

As incredible as this may be, to say CBD alone can cure cancer is a lie and a dangerously misleading one at that.

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So, we've established that taking CBD through your belly button isn't a miracle method, but if you want to learn more about CBD and the actual facts around it, a great starting point is our 4-step guide to CBD. Presented in an easy to digest collapsible format, it gives you loads of different entry points to find out more. Then you can check out the full range in our CBD shop!

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