CBD and Food: Can you Cook with CBD?

CBD and Food: Can you Cook with CBD?

With CBD becoming more and more popular across the UK, you may have noticed that the suggestion of CBD in food is becoming more common. For those familiar with CBD this might seem natural, but for others this might seem a curious concept.

Is CBD Edible?

First things first, CBD products are certainly edible. In fact, most CBD products such as CBD oils are actually classed as Novel Foods by the FSA. While this is not to say they should be eaten like other foods, it means CBD products intended for Oral use are likely edible. 

Can I Swallow CBD Oil?

Yes, as CBD oil is taken orally, it is designed to be safe for human consumption. However, consuming large amounts of CBD oil may cause discomfort or digestive issues - though this mainly caused by the carrier oil rather than the CBD.

Though it is safe to eat, CBD oil is not intended to be swallowed. This is mainly because swallowing CBD oil provides far less bioavailability than if it were absorbed sublingually. Sublingually simply means ‘under the tongue’. By holding CBD oil under the tongue, it is absorbed into the bloodstream more efficiently than through the digestive system.

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Should I Eat CBD?

So, if it is less efficient to eat CBD, why do it? Even though other intake methods are more suitable for regular dosing, edible CBD can still be a fantastic addition to a CBD routine. For example, CBD edibles can be a fantastic top up method to complement other CBD products.

CBD Gummies are an excellent example of this. These popular CBD supplements provide an easy and convenient way to top up your CBD dose. When used alongside CBD oils or CBD vapes, they can help complete a consistent CBD routine.

Can You Get CBD Drinks?

Yes! Just like food, CBD can easily be integrated into drinks products as well, particularly soft drinks. However, due to the nature of soft drinks, they don’t make a particularly useful top up method as they have to be drunk in one sitting. CBD drinks are perhaps more ‘gimmicky’, but for those interested in exploring everything CBD has to offer, they are an easy to obtain option.

CBD Oil Being Added to Breakfast Meal.

Can You Add CBD to Ordinary Food?

Not only is adding CBD to food possible, it is also slowly growing in popularity. In both professional and home environments, cooks are finding ways to implement CBD into their food. While cooking with CBD is not recommended as an effective dosing method, it can be fun to explore for CBD fans.

What Does CBD Taste Like?

Raw CBD extract has naturally earthy and almost herb-like flavour. While subtle, the flavour can certainly shine in mellower dishes. When using CBD oil, cooks will need to consider the carrier oil and flavours in the oil. For example, CBD in hemp seed oil will have a more pronounced earthy flavour, while MCT oil won’t add anything more to the taste.

If you are using a berry or lemon CBD oil for example, then the flavourings in the oil will also come through. This might be perfect for making CBD ice creams or ice lollies, where fruit flavours would help in flavouring your final creation!

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How to Cook With CBD Oil

Cooking with CBD oil is relatively simple. It can be added to food before or after cooking, though there is one key thing to keep in mind. CBD begins to evaporate at 160°C to 180°C. Try to avoid recipes that bake above this temperature or require frying, otherwise you may be reducing the CBD content in your food. You can always add your CBD oil after cooking to avoid high temperatures.

Do we Recommend Cooking with CBD?

Based on all current science surrounding CBD, we don’t recommend CBD in food as a dosing method. This is because it simply does not offer enough bioavailability to make a difference. If you want to get the best from CBD, we recommend using CBD oils sublingually or CBD vapes for the best experience.

However, if you want to explore what more CBD can do, then including it in your cooking is a fun and interesting activity. CBD oils are a great way to start as they can be incorporated into many dishes from salads, to large dishes and desserts and ice creams! If you want to try edible CBD before you start cooking with it, then there are plenty of products such as CBD gummy bears that can give you a taster (literally)!

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