Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane?

Can You Take CBD Oil on a Plane?

Flying with CBD is a very common question. Since people get used to the daily routine of taking CBD, the prospect of not being able to take it abroad for business or on holiday can be frustrating.

As ever, given the relative flippancy with which CBD’s legality is often handled, the question isn’t a simple yes or no situation.

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Is it Legal to Take CBD Oil onto a Plane in the UK?

Yes, you should be able to bring CBD oil on board domestic flights within the UK, and on international flights to the UK. We still recommend contacting your flight provider and customs in advance though.

CBD is legal to buy in the UK, especially given that it’s now being stocked in national supermarkets. However, the laws around flying with CBD can seem a little confusing. 

CBD oils you purchase in the UK are most likely being sold as nutritional supplements rather than medical products due to the nature of the law as it stands. Furthermore, the CBD you’re using will have been extracted from hemp containing lower than 0.2% THC, since it’s not covered by the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, and is therefore legal in the UK.

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Flying Abroad with CBD

When flying with CBD oil, or other CBD products, a main point of contention to consider when debating taking your CBD oil abroad is THC content. Whilst CBD isolates promise 0% THC, since the market is poorly regulated, some products might not have been extracted properly. 

Meanwhile, for full spectrum and whole plant products, the trace amounts of THC can raise red flags at airports where staff aren’t properly informed on the distinction between CBD products and medical cannabis. Likewise, it might be that the country you’re flying to has a lower THC threshold than the one you’re flying from. 

For example, in the UK the maximum levels of THC are 0.2%, whilst in the U.S. they can reach 0.3%. That means that even if CBD oil is legal in your home country, and legal in your destination, you still need to confirm that the laws follow the same guidelines. 

Can I Take My CBD Oil Abroad?

Simply put: it depends on where you are going. The easiest way to find out is to contact your flight provider and the incoming customs department for your destination. Having said that, it definitely helps to be informed on CBD law ahead of time, especially given that not all staff may be aware of its legal designation. 

For a summary of the laws based on your specific destination, we recommend checking the official customs website here.

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Changeover Flights and CBD

So, you’ve established that the country you’re flying to allows travellers to bring CBD oil across their borders, but have you also considered your changeover along the way? Even if you’re only dropping off in a country for a half-hour sprint across to your next flight, you still fall under their jurisdiction.

Generally laws are tighter in Asian and African countries, but there are exceptions across the board. As ever with CBD, research is key. Check the official customs website here.

Liquid Laws

One of the most common problems with flying with CBD is the size of the liquid container you’re carrying. If you’re intending to bring it in your carry-on, then you’ll be subject to the 100ml liquid rule.

Graphic showing a tick next to a 30ml CBD bottle and a cross next to a 100ml drinks bottle.

However, the confusion here stems from the fact medicines aren’t limited by the 100ml rule if accompanied by a prescription or doctor’s note. As such, if you’ve been prescribed a medicinal CBD tincture you can ignore the liquid limit, but given the current furore surrounding medicinal CBD in the UK that’s probably not the case.

Flying with CBD: Final Tips

We haven’t provided individual country reports because simplified information can cause issues in and of itself. Broadly speaking, for example, European constituents are generally tolerant of hemp-derived CBD oils due to the mass legalisation of industrial hemp, but there are still grey areas in more hardline countries like Sweden.

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The best solution to any headaches you may be having about whether you can fly with CBD or not is to be upfront. That means taking it in your carry-on, carrying the batch report with you (you can find your specific one here) and contacting customs in advance to ensure you’re on the same page.

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