Welcome to Vitality CBD Infused: our new CBD cosmetics range

Welcome to Vitality CBD Infused: our new CBD cosmetics range

2020 has already gotten off to a massive start with our new CBD fitness range, and our industry best CBD prices, but we’re not finished yet. At Vitality CBD we’ve been working incredibly hard in conjunction with a leading Swiss cosmetics lab to produce our new CBD cosmetics range: Infused.

Our CBD cosmetics

You may have already noticed our CBD Bath Bombs and CBD Bath Salts on the website, but they’re just a tease of the full picture. From today, you can purchase:

  • CBD Anti-ageing Cream
    We’ve carefully curated a premium selection of botanical ingredients that work on a multitude of fronts to reduce the signs of ageing.
  • CBD Anti-blemish Cream
    Our expert formulation takes an innovative approach to optimising the skin’s health, while also supporting the body’s own antibacterial responses
  • CBD Dry Skin Cream
    Our formulation is designed specifically to restore the skin’s natural barriers, and also strengthen its own natural defence systems.
  • CBD Body Cream
    Our signature sophisticated blend of skincare and moisturising ingredients supports hydration to the desired areas of the skin.

All practical focuses, all natural solutions.

Good things come to those that wait, and we’re excited to say that in the coming weeks we’ll steadily be launching even more CBD cosmetics. So you can understand what made us create a new CBD cosmetics range, you have to follow our unique formulations on their journey. First up? Our lead ingredients.

Our lead CBD cosmetics ingredients

What’s great about CBD is that it integrates easily with a whole host of other ingredients and compounds naturally. We knew that our CBD cosmetics range needed to stand out in a very competitive category, which is why every single product in our range shares not one, not two, but three lead ingredients.


Perhaps it's not too surprising that CBD is our first lead ingredient, but as the UK's leading CBD brand* we're firmly at the forefront of CBD innovation. That's why we're confident in CBD's utility in a CBD cosmetics range as an integral, all natural ingredient.

CBD is directly similar to chemicals the body already produces, known as endocannabinoids. When combined with our easily-absorbed creams and balms, CBD interacts with the huge number of endocannabinoid receptors in your skin. These receptors themselves are part of the much wider endocannabinoid system, present in your nervous system, immune system and most major organs.

Our expertise with CBD means that each of our products has been specially designed to deliver CBD to the desired areas efficiently. Thanks to its novel method of engagement with the body, CBD cosmetics represents a totally new step for everyday skincare.


Our second lead ingredient, which is currently unique in the UK cosmetics market, is AnnonaSense, an activator of the CB2 receptor. We’ve chosen it as a strong cosmetic ingredient in its own regard, but also as a natural collaborator with CBD.

Much like CBD is derived from hemp, AnnonaSense is derived from Cherimoya, acclaimed due to its high level of antioxidants, vitamin C and proteins. We sustainably harvest them from their natural homes in the Amazon rainforest and the Andes, further promoting the natural basis of Infused.

We’re incredibly proud to say that after selecting AnnonaSense as one of our lead ingredients, it won the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2019 at in-cosmetics Asia. As we continue to look ahead for the UK CBD market, it’s exciting to see the industry move forward with us.

Argan Stem Cells

Our third lead ingredient has been created through our utilisation of advanced technology that enables the laboratory reproduction of plant cells. To further our holistic approach to natural skincare we’ve replicated stem cells from the rare and protected argan tree, in an eco-friendly, sustainable manner.

So, what is argan? The argan is one of the oldest tree species in the world, renowned for its ability to survive intense drought and extremely high temperatures. In turn, the harnessed argan stem cells capture these protective qualities and apply them to the skin.

A naturally potent skincare ingredient, argan stem cells have been shown to promote skin rejuvenation. The natural strength of the argan tree is why we’re proud to include argan stem cells in every product in our CBD cosmetics range.

Learn more about CBD

We’re excited to say that our Infused range doesn’t end there. We’re bringing quality and quantity to the table, with 12 brand new cosmetics products set to launch by the end of March. Every member of the team at Vitality CBD can’t wait for you to explore and get to know the full range. 

We also have category pages that cover each of our product ranges, including CBD e-liquids, CBD oils and CBD cosmetics.

If you’ve got any questions about how CBD works with cosmetics, and why CBD cosmetics are on the cusp of a UK market takeover, you can reach out to our team on the CBD contact page. Or, if you want a quicker response, our live chat is active Monday-Friday 9-5pm in the bottom right corner of each page.