Sweden takes steps to define the legal status of CBD

Sweden takes steps to define the legal status of CBD

CBD regulation in Europe

CBD products have swept across Europe, seeing massive amounts of popularity throughout the West. In fact, we recently highlighted findings that showed there are as many as 1.3 million active CBD users in the UK. It’s no surprise then that European legislators are taking greater steps to regulate such a massive new market.

In June, Sweden’s highest court made a definitive statement on the current CBD marketplace. They ruled that CBD products with THC would now be classified as narcotics. This marks a big shift from the general legal consensus of allowing a negligible percentage in each hemp extract.

Until now there have been large debates regarding what categorisation CBD e-liquids or CBD oils should fall under. The question of whether CBD constitutes a food supplement, a novel food, a narcotic, or even medication has been rife. Expect this decision by Sweden to mark a series of landmark court decisions surrounding the future of CBD in Europe.

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What's changed with CBD?

Based on the phrasing from the court ruling by Sweden, it seems unlikely that they’re actually attempting to outlaw CBD oils. Instead, it shows an attempt on their part to introduce tighter, clear regulation surrounding what can and can’t be included in CBD products across the country.

The incident that brought the current CBD situation to light involved a man acquiring a CBD oil online that he believed was legal. However, it actually contained a much higher percentage of THC than was advertised, presenting an increasingly common conundrum to law enforcement. This is why we ensure all of our products are batch tested.

The court document makes clear that there is an accepted distinction between CBD oils or cannabis or narcotics in general. They also recognised that a trace amount of THC would likely always be present in CBD oils, especially when accounting for a margin of error. However, the main need outlined was ensuring this was clear and consistent, with no grey zone.

Removing THC from CBD drops

The expected shift marketwide here will be a further emphasis on lowering THC levels. If you’re looking for a guarantee that there’s 0% THC present, at Vitality CBD we use Pure CBD or broad spectrum in our products to ensure this. That's why you can feel safe when you buy CBD with us. 

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