Pharmacies turn to CBD oils to boost sales

Pharmacies turn to CBD oils to boost sales

The Express newspaper reported that up to seven pharmacies in the UK are closing per week due to NHS cuts to funding. It is reported that many pharmacies are now selling CBD products in order to stay in business.

CBD saving local businesses

With the NHS reducing funding by up to 12%, pharmacies are now stocking ranges of CBD-based products such as CBD oils, CBD cosmetics and CBD edibles in a bid to attract new clientele. Since the introduction of these products, many pharmacy chains such as Jhoots Pharmacy are reporting increased footfall and an upturn in profits.

Increased CBD awareness

As with any new product, people need to be introduced to CBD properly before they just buy it. Due to their association with cannabis, CBD products are frequently questioned in-store - that's why we make sure all of our partners have access to our entire array of educational material. 

We've found that once CBD is explained properly by staff, customers respond much more open-mindedly. In fact, having learned the key differences between CBD and THC, many first-time buyers then become repeat customers. As ever, proper information is essential. 

Collection of pharmaceutical drugs

The CBD demographic

A common trend across pharmacies interviewed by the Express newspaper has been a marked change in their demographics. Younger groups of customers are now venturing to pharmacies across the UK to buy CBD, in addition to those just collecting prescriptions.

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Learn more about CBD oils

As CBD products become more popular and widely accepted, Vitality CBD aims to help inform the public about why CBD is growing so rapidly. Our 4-step guide to CBD can teach you all you need to know to buy CBD, whether you're brand new to it or you've been a user for a while. 

At Vitality CBD we strive to deliver high quality CBD products whilst protecting the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the manufacturing process. You can find out more about how CBD affects the environment in our eco-friendly CBD blog.

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