First British company given license to harvest hemp for CBD

First British company given license to harvest hemp for CBD

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Jersey Hemp have officially become the first British company to successfully acquire a license to harvest hemp flowers. Until now all British CBD oil businesses have been forced to import their hemp flowers from other countries, typically either the U.S. or Eastern Europe.

Whilst hemp has been legal to grow in the UK for quite some time, until recently businesses were only allowed to harvest the straw for industrial purposes, leaving the leaves and flowers. This shift suggests that further law changes might be in the pipeline surrounding buying CBD.

The Jersey island government has granted Jersey Hemp a license that states they can harvest, process and store the hemp flower for the purpose of producing CBD goods. This is great news for hemp farmers that currently have to discard a vast majority of their crop due to bizarre laws that still enable the import of hemp flowers from other countries.

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Lyndon Farnham, Jersey’s minister for economic development said:

“The licence represents a significant opportunity for the island's economy, allowing us to begin cultivating and processing hemp for the extraction of CBD - a growing market, both in the UK and internationally.
Extracting Jersey-produced CBD will allow the island to take its place in this fast-developing sector, supplying controlled and reliable CBD products with strong British Isles provenance. Jersey has real potential in this area, and the issuing of this licence signals our clear intent to position ourselves as a centre of excellence in CBD production, research, genetics and intellectual property.”

This license will allow Jersey Hemp to produce 30 to 40 tonnes of dry hemp annually for the purpose of making CBD oils. Whether this will be the first of many licenses such as this being granted is unclear, but it certainly marks a shift by British governing bodies.

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