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CBD Vape Eliquid Menthol Flavour
  • Pure CBD
  • 0% THC
  • Rereshing Menthol
  • 50% PG & 50% VG

Menthol Flavour CBD Isolate E-liquid 10ml

A classic ice-cool menthol e-liquid complete with our premium pure CBD extract.

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  • Cool and refreshing Menthol flavour ideal for extended vaping
    Made with 99.9% pure Colorado CBD
    Made for use in MTL kits

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  • Description
  • Menthol Flavour CBD Isolate E-liquid

    Our Menthol Flavour CBD Isolate e-liquid is a refreshing and efficient way to take CBD daily. As this e-liquid uses CBD Isolate, this refined flavour contains 99% pure CBD, always with 0% THC. Ready to use straight out of the bottle, simply shake and vape with your favourite Mouth-to-Lung e-cigarette.

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  • Formula
    • 50% PG, 50% VG

      The 50/50 ratio of this e-liquid is best suited for Mouth-to-Lung vaping.

    • Cannabidiol (Pure CBD)

      All of our CBD Isolate E-liquids contain 99.9% pure CBD with 0% THC and no unwanted residues.

    • Menthol Flavouring

      Our CBD Isolate E-liquid in Menthol flavour provides a cool, minty taste for clear and fresh hits.

    benefits of cbd body cream
  • Ingredients
  • Menthol CBD Isolate E-liquid Ingredients:

    Pure CBD Hemp Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Menthol Flavouring.

We advise vaping throughout the day for optimal effect
CBD strength guide

Strength is simply the concentration of CBD in a bottle. Just like orange squash and double strength orange squash.


CBD usage guide

  • 1Shake well before use
  • 2Use approximately 1ml (20 drops) per day
  • 3Vape in the same manner as mouth-to-lung e-liquid
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Menthol Flavour CBD Isolate E-liquid FAQs

  • Can I use CBD Isolate e-liquids with nicotine?

    We strongly advise customers to avoid using nicotine with our CBD Isolate e-liquids. Adding nicotine or nicotine shot e-liquids will unsettle the formulation and reduce the e-liquid’s flavour.

  • What does CBD Isolate e-liquid smell like?

    Our CBD Isolate e-liquids smell much like any other e-liquid when vapourised. Many may be worried about a ‘hempy’ smell from CBD e-liquids, however our 99.9% CBD formulation allows the hemp smell to be subdued.

  • What e-cigarettes are suitable for using CBD Isolate e-liquids?

    Due to their 50:50 PG/VG ratio, our CBD Isolate e-liquids work perfectly in Mouth-to-Lung vape devices. These devices will have a coil resistance of 1.0ohm or over, producing clean flavour and discreet clouds of vapour.

Talk to our CBD experts

0121 328 3208

Talk on live chat or find your local store