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CBD engineered for everyday fitness

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Introduce the natural synergy of CBD into your daily fitness routine with the Vitality CBD Active range.

Our new CBD Drops & Muscle Rub have been designed from the ground up to match your active lifestyle. Walk through our timeline below.


Pre-workout CBD drops

Kickstart your day with the high-octane Vitality CBD Boost Drops, the perfect first step in our fitness timeline.

Pre-workout CBD drops

Our Vitality CBD Boost Drops work great as a pre-workout kickstart, ideal for use 30 minutes before a workout.

Excuses for getting up early just got a lot harder!


Performance CBD drops

Step two in our fitness timeline is the Vitality CBD Focus Drops, ensuring you always maintain peak performance.

Performance CBD drops

Our Vitality CBD Focus Drops have been designed to keep you going when taken throughout your exercise routine.

Don't lose sight of your goals this year.


Post-workout CBD drops

Aid your recuperation with Vitality CBD Recover Drops at step three, the perfect assistant for daily care.

Post-workout CBD drops

Our Vitality CBD Recover Drops, designed for aiding recovery post-workout. These are ideal straight after exercise.

Aid your body's recovery, and bounce back harder.


Unwinding CBD drops

Unwinding properly at the end of the day is important for everyone. That’s step four: Vitality CBD Relax Drops.

Unwinding CBD drops

Our Vitality CBD Relax Drops. A big part of leading an active lifestyle is rest. Rather than during your workout, take them just before bed.

Stop. Breathe. Make some time for yourself.


CBD Muscle Rub

Perfect for use before or after a workout, our Muscle Rub is sure to become an essential part of your day-to-day fitness regime.

CBD Muscle Rub

Our signature Muscle Rub works alongside each of our CBD drops to keep you active throughout your routine.

Treat your muscles right with our Muscle Rub.

Go beyond your limits today. Boost further. Focus harder. Recover quicker. Relax easier. It's time to get Active with Vitality CBD.