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Which CBD extraction method is the best?

Understanding how cannabidiol is extracted is a big step in grasping what makes a CBD product truly great. At Vitality CBD we've got the lowdown on the key techniques.

7 min read

Hemp seed oil vs. CBD oil: what's the difference?

CBD oil and hemp seed oil are both derived from hemp, both found in health retailers and both all over the news, but what's the difference? Read on here to find out.

5 min read

Synthetic cannabinoids: What do they mean for CBD?

As synthetic CBD becomes more prevalent, the questions remains of how it compares to the real deal. Read on for a history of CBD synthesis, and the future of the market.

5 min read

Which CBD carrier oil is the best?

With all the different CBD carrier oils it can be difficult knowing which is best. Here at Vitality we've got a guide to hemp seed oil, MCT oil, olive oil and more.

5 min read

What are terpenes?

If you’re new to CBD a lot of the terminology can seem daunting. Read our extensive but simple guide to understanding terpenes here.

4 min read

What are flavonoids?

Everyone talks about cannabidiol and cannabinoids, but what about flavonoids? Discover more about this important part of the hemp plant here.

4 min read

The importance of whole plant and broad spectrum

At Vitality CBD we believe in the synergistic properties of the hemp plant. Read more about why we value whole plant and broad spectrum CBD here.

6 min read