Our ranges at Vitality CBD

Our ranges at Vitality CBD

As we have grown here at Vitality CBD to be the UKs number one CBD brand, we have been delighted to begin unveiling exciting and unique ranges. These can almost be thought of as sub-brands, and are identities unto themselves: designed to provide customers with an even easier and concise experience when buying CBD products. So with each product type having its own personality under either Vitality CBD, Vitality CBD Active or Vitality CBD Infused, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect CBD range for you.

Vitality CBD

The first and main brand is simply Vitality CBD. Our primary brand houses some of the UK's best natural hemp oil products; including some of the simplest, most effective means of increasing your CBD intake. Under Vitality CBD you will find our ever-popular CBD oils, which are more accessible than ever before, coming with either a spray nozzle or pipette for use as CBD spray or drops.

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Vitality CBD also includes our range of CBD e-liquids for use in a vape/e-cigarette. This is one of the most effective ways to take CBD, and with a range of flavours there should be something for everyone, from those new to vaping to experienced hobbyists.

Edibles are a key aspect of Vitality CBD’s range, with many of our customers preferring the superior convenience of our CBD Vitamins to take their CBD. These are also available in multiple flavours and include health-promoting ingredients such as Vitamin D with Turmeric and Vitamin B with Magnesium. Of course, the edibles range also includes our ridiculously moreish CBD Gummy bears, which are not only delicious but are a handy way of supplementing your CBD intake!

As mentioned above, Vitality CBD’s range caters for all. The products under this main range are varied, including a number of topicals such as CBD Skin Cream and the consistently best-selling CBD Muscle Balm.

Vitality CBD Infused

Born out of a focus on luxury CBD cosmetics, Vitality CBD Infused represents only the best across a product range of blissful CBD skin care products. Launched in February 2020, this range is easily identifiable by its opulent white packaging; eluding to the premium and soothing products that lie within.

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The Infused range is separated into a number of collections for an easy and intuitive way to explore products, and ultimately identify what you need to complete your skincare regime. The first is our selection of CBD cleansers. A great way to start your routine, the CBD Exfoliator and CBD Cleanser help promote clear and fresh skin.

Next is our popular CBD moisturizer collection, an essential part of any daily skin care regime. Three different moisturisers are available depending on your preference. Catering for all skin types, the collection includes our CBD Anti-ageing Cream, CBD Anti-blemish Cream and CBD Dry Skin Cream. All of our CBD moisturisers are formulated to hydrate and support your skin through natural means.

The next collection is the advanced CBD Serums and Treatments which are expertly formulated with botanically derived active ingredients. These include both a CBD Face Serum and CBD Eye Serum to help reduce puffiness and gently smooth out fine lines.

Vitality CBD Infused is also home to indulgent masks, our CBD Face Mask being the ideal way to add something special to your skin care routine. Friendly to even sensitive skin, its natural formulation is the perfect way to smooth your complexion. 

Our CBD Body collection takes this luxury even further, with a range including a CBD Bath Bomb, CBD Bath Salts and a CBD Body Cream. Infused with natural ingredients such as Lavender, Chamomile and Rose, these are perfect for soothing the body and mind after a long day.

There is even a CBD After Sun from the Infused range, showing we really have thought of all parts of the skin care process. Response to potential sun-damage is becoming increasingly recognised, and our CBD After sun provides this extra care with naturally cooling ingredients such as Menthol.

Vitality CBD Active

Vitality CBD Active is all about everyday fitness, engineered to keep you going. As well as CBD, the Active range makes use of a number of natural ingredients; each being carefully selected to compliment your workout. Launched in January 2020, all stages of exercise have been considered to guarantee a perfect CBD fitness product to enhance your session, no matter the intensity.

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For pre-workout, our CBD Boost Drops are the ideal way to kickstart your session. The active ingredient in these drops is Vitamin B12, used for its ability to stimulate energy-yielding metabolism, reducing tiredness and fatigue.

To maintain peak performance during exercise then make use of the Active range’s CBD Focus Drops. Formulated with Vitamin A, these drops are designed to keep you going by maintaining metabolism and clear vision.

Post-workout is covered by Vitality CBD Recover Drops. Not only are the Recover drops perfect for everyday use, they are specially designed to aid recovery after a session. Ideally taken straight after exercise, Recover Drops feature Vitamin D3 to help maintain normal muscle, bone and immune function.

Lastly there are the Vitality CBD Relax Drops and Relief CBD Muscle Rub. Rest is a vitally important part of any health routine and both help support your down-time. Winner of Men’s Health Best CBD Product and formulated with the natural antioxidant lemon balm, Active’s Relax drops are perfect taken just before bed for a good rest. Active: CBD Muscle Rub is perfect before or after a workout to help you keep active through your routine, containing Lavender Oil for efficient delivery of CBD to affected areas.

A CBD range for every lifestyle

Hopefully, the above will have given you an overview of what each aspect of Vitality CBD provides and how each range compliments the other. No matter how you would like to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, there should be a line of products that gets you excited. For more information on CBD take a look at our guides, otherwise take a look into our ranges for yourself on our website and explore all of our premium CBD products.