Start 2020 right with our best CBD pricing!

Start 2020 right with our best CBD pricing!

We announced last year that we were the UK’s number one CBD brand, so how do we make 2020 even better? Well, by passing that success on to you, our users. That’s why we’re permanently changing the prices on some of our bestselling products!

These price changes will affect the following products, covering all strengths:

Being satisfied with CBD

The decision behind this was built on one core revelation: that our more satisfied users were all using higher CBD dosages. Thanks to the more competitive pricing we were able to achieve due to our expansion, we wanted to pass that saving onto you, and encourage you to try a higher daily dose.

The best part? You can now save up to 35%! On top of that the price changes are the same across the board, giving you total freedom of choice.

As a company we’re incredibly excited to not only be providing a premium product, but also to be providing it at such a competitive price point. Why not try a higher strength CBD Oral Spray today?

Your best CBD dosage

Our data has shown that whilst our users take between 20-120mg a day, satisfaction rates were much higher at 70mg a day. Furthermore, most clinical trials that are ongoing surrounding CBD use daily doses of over 150mg. By making our higher strengths so much more affordable, we’re hoping to make sure all of our users love CBD.

If you’re new to CBD and want to know where to start, we recommend starting with a dosage of 70mg a day. Then, you can adjust down by 20mg a day if you're satisfied, or up by 20mg if you're not. Once you’ve found a dose that works for you, then you’ve reached your optimum dosage point, whether with our CBD Oral Drops or our Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid.

CBD user satisfaction

There’s another key rule when taking CBD though, and that’s not just to do with finding your correct dosage. CBD is a totally different experience for everyone who takes it, but the one consistent rule for everyone is this: be consistent! Being steady is really important.

Learn more about CBD

Want to learn more about CBD in general? Then why not check out our beginner’s CBD guide. It contains all the information you could need to get started on your own CBD journey. Even better, check out our CBD dosage blog and find your optimum dosage.

At Vitality CBD we’re always learning more about CBD and the best ways to take it. The best part? That all of you are constantly shaping our understanding in that regard. We’re always here to hear about your CBD experience—share it with us on our CBD contact page now.

We also have category pages that cover each of our product ranges, including CBD e-liquids, CBD oils and CBD cosmetics.

If you’ve got any further questions you can ask them on our CBD contact page, or reach out to us on our live chat in the bottom right corner of each page. We’re active Monday-Friday 9-5pm, so come ask away now!