Introducing our best CBD oil yet, and the best option for you

Introducing our best CBD oil yet, and the best option for you

Since the start of 2020, we’ve been focusing a lot on the importance of CBD dosage, and what a massive difference higher dosages can make for people. That’s why we’re now offering our best strength yet, at our best price. Introducing: our 2400mg CBD Oral Drops / Spray.

In 2019 we steadily became the UK’s number one CBD brand, and we did that by listening to our users. Our biggest takeaway? That our customers wanted a quicker way to take their daily dosage, as well as a greater degree of customisation. That’s why we’re now offering a higher strength CBD oil, with a dual application method.

Reaching your best CBD dosage

Everyone is different, and that’s why everyone should take CBD in a manner that works for them, whether that's CBD oils or CBD edibles. There’s no one-size fits all option, but there is a methodology we’ve discovered through our extensive research with our huge user base.

Rather than taking a lower dose, like 30mg a day, and slowly shifting up, we suggest taking a higher dose: 70mg a day. Then, follow our flow diagram below. Since CBD products have a good safety profile even at higher doses, starting higher will help you understand more quickly what level you’ll be most satisfied at.

CBD dosage flowchart

So, how does our 2400mg CBD Oral Drops / Spray fit into this? Well, trying to take 70mg a day with a 600mg Oral Drops would take you quite a few pipettes—our 2400mg means you can easily take our recommended dosage each day, with a bottle that lasts longer. Plus, it’s the best price per mg we offer out of any of our CBD products!  

The best CBD of both worlds

When we introduced our new high strength CBD oil, we wanted to offer more than our best pricing yet. That’s why we’ve also given you more choice than ever. Sick of choosing between buying our Oral Spray or Oral Drops? Now you get a spray-head and pipette in every box with our CBD Oral Drops / Spray!

Not only does this mean you can experiment with different methods, it also makes shifting your dosage even easier. If you want to go for a more accurate dose, the spray offers unparalleled precision, and if you want an easy way to take higher doses in one quick go, the pipette is perfect.

Our favourite CBD carrier oil

Some of our most avid users may have one burning question: which oil does it use? Our CBD Oral Drops use hemp seed oil, but our CBD Oral Spray uses MCT oil, so we had to make a decision. In the end, we went with MCT oil.

We decided to go with MCT oil since its naturally sweet flavour helps mask the stronger hemp taste found in higher strength products. That way, you can still enjoy the delicious flavours that have made our range so popular: Natural, Berry and Lemon.

Learn more about CBD

Buying a high strength CBD oil isn’t just about increasing your dosage — it’s about making it easier for you to take that dosage consistently, without worrying about your bottle running out. For more info on how to manage your daily dosage, check out our blog on your optimum CBD dose.

We also have category pages that cover each of our product ranges, including CBD e-liquids, CBD oils and CBD cosmetics.  

If you’ve got any further questions about what CBD you should be using, and how regularly, our team of CBD experts are on hand Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Either send us a message on our CBD contact page, or speak to us live via our online chat in the bottom right corner of each page.