4800mg CBD oil - Back in stock!

4800mg CBD oil - Back in stock!

As we move into the final months of the year, here at Vitality CBD, we are still striving to offer the best CBD experience out there. Last month, we announced that we are sharing our success with our customers, offering our most popular premium CBD oils at an improved price. Now, we are very excited to announce that our high-strength 4800mg CBD oil is back in stock!

4800mg CBD oils in different flavours

These oils will be available in the familiar and ever popular Lemon, Berry and Natural flavours, and will give our wonderful customers an even more efficient way to take CBD. With a higher concentration of CBD (twice as much as our nearest 2400mg oils) the 4800mg oils will last far longer, no matter your target CBD intake.

Hit your CBD intake easily

As we’ve always maintained, every CBD user is different. Whether they prefer different intake methods such as edibles or oils, or just different flavours, CBD users are always unique. One thing that the CBD way of thinking does require though, is a consistent dose. With the introduction of 4800mg CBD oil, keeping consistent with CBD dosing is easier than ever.

But what is the best CBD dose? Well as we mentioned, everyone is different, however our research shows that our most satisfied customers started at higher doses. We recommend starting with 70mg a day and adjusting after that - if you are still not satisfied, don’t hesitate to get in touch. With our new 4800mg oils, 70mg a day is easier and better value than ever! In fact our 4800mg oil works out at just £1.16 a day - that's almost half the price of the UK’s average coffee!

4800mg CBD oil next to cup of coffee

The 4800mg oil also means a larger time between stocking backup on CBD oil. At the recommended 70mg dosage, our 4800mg CBD oil will last 68 days, almost 10 weeks. There really is no reason not to move onto the 4800mg strength oil, even for those on lower CBD doses.

Easy to use CBD oil

Like our 2400mg strength oil, all boxes of 4800mg CBD oil some with both a spray and a drop pipette applicator. This means you can take this oil no matter your preferred method, or can even mix and match between the two. For example, you could use the pipette in the morning and then the spray nozzle on-the-go, making it all the easier to hit your desired dose.

This versatility also makes 4800mg strength ideal for new users. One of the most common questions we are asked is if spray or oil is more convenient, and generally we say it depends on each user. If you aren’t sure if you would prefer spray or drops, then you can experiment with this oil and find what is most comfortable for you.

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Using high strength CBD oil is all about efficiency and providing an easier way to consistently take CBD - no matter your CBD dose. Indeed, even those on lower doses can benefit from 4800mg oil, but if you are still a little unsure on dosing, we have plenty of material to help you work out what dosage is right for you.

Graph showing CBD dosage, recommends to start at 70mg

We think that the 4800mg oil is perfect for regular use, however we realise that oils are not perfect for everybody. Our full range of premium CBD products cater for all tastes, and include e-liquids, edibles and even topicals. If you are unsure on what you might prefer, take our carefully curated CBD quiz and see which of our high quality CBD products we recommend for you.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this either by emailing us here, using the chat window in the bottom right corner. Our advisers are on hand Mon-Fri 9am-5pm to answer questions you may have around CBD.