Finding your ideal daily CBD dosage

Finding your ideal daily CBD dosage

The ideal CBD dosage

In what’s been a period of accelerated growth, well over 6 million adults in the UK tried CBD in the past year. We’re continuously engaging with our users, both online and in person, and compiling the vast amount of data we acquire. That's how we know how to get the best CBD dosage for you. 

Average CBD consumer dosage

Our CBD results

Our findings have shown that the average user dosage is far higher than we first anticipated. Whilst the full range of answers covers anywhere from 20-120mg, the median was around 80mg. Using this data has been integral to our ongoing product development, and in shaping our consumer advice concerning utilising different products in their CBD daily routine.

In gathering this information, we also found that our most satisfied users were frequently those using the highest dosages. Where previously we recommended dosages of 20-45mg, our user base regularly use daily doses in excess of 80mg+. Your ideal dosage may well be lower, but experimenting with higher doses will help find your optimum point. 

Average CBD consumer satisfaction

As part of our research, we reached out to Vitality CBD users that had bought our lowest strength: 300mg. If they weren’t completely satisfied with what they believed CBD could do for them, we then sent them a 600mg sample, and within 3-5 days we received countless unsolicited emails detailing the positive impact an increase in strength had had.

Developing your CBD routine

Whether you’re taking CBD already, or still considering your first purchase, the answer of how you adjust to higher strengths is the same: steadily. We consistently see higher doses having positive reactions from consumers, which is why we recommend starting high.

Since consumer satisfaction spikes from 80mg onwards, we recommend you start with 80mg a day for a week as a loading dose. After that, you have two options:

  • If you were satisfied, shift down by 10mg a day.
  • If you weren't satisfied, shift up by 10mg a day. 

When you reach a point where you feel satisfied with the results, and are happy with the process, then you’ve reached your optimum point. We’d always suggest experimenting with a higher dose, simply because you can always go back to a lower one afterwards.

CBD is safe at high dosages

The most important thing to remember through all of this is that CBD is provenly safe, even at high dosages. Clinical trials repeatedly use CBD doses that are over 100mg a day, with some even reaching as high as 600mg a day.

CBD pipette levels

That’s because CBD has not been shown to have any adverse effects outside of mild nausea at extremely high doses (500mg+). If you want to be sure of exactly how much CBD you're taking, check our helpful diagram above. 

A comprehensive study undertaken by the World Health Organization found that CBD was “generally well tolerated, with a good safety profile”. In each instance where similar research has been carried out with regards to CBD, the findings have shown that CBD interacts well with the human body, with no side effects.

Learning more

Finding out why higher doses of CBD are still safe is rooted in understanding how this natural supplement works. We’d recommend starting out with our user-friendly 4-step guide for understanding CBD, which takes you from step one all the way through to buying CBD.

Any further questions relating to your daily dosage can be answered by one of our CBD experts. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on our contact page or our web chat in the bottom right corner of each page. We’re on hand Monday-Friday 9-5pm to field any and all CBD queries.