Can CBD be used for treating medical conditions?

Can CBD be used for treating medical conditions?

UK CBD regulation

We’ve done a lot of pieces covering questions our users ask us, but the most frequent ones by far relate to medical conditions, the benefits of CBD, and whether or not you can buy CBD for them. When we receive direct queries concerning health issues we’ll always make our stance clear, but we’ve generally avoided discussing it on the website - until now.

The reason you won’t find any answers around CBD and health on our website is due to the current regulations in place in the UK. Put simply, due to how CBD is currently classified by the UK regulatory bodies, when you sell CBD any claims or discussion of the impacts of CBD on health and the human body are completely off the table.

The exception for this is for businesses that hold medical licenses specific to the distribution of CBD oils. However, this is a lengthy and expensive process, and there is still a taboo surrounding hemp-derived products in the medical community. For example, even though medical cannabis was legalised last November in the UK, it still has yet to be prescribed once by a UK GP.

Can CBD companies claims?

Given the difficulty involved in acquiring a medical license, a vast majority of sites and suppliers you’ve seen making claims are working outside of the current UK guidelines on CBD benefits. Whether it’s direct (suggesting CBD has curative properties) or implied (directing you to third-party sources which make claims), such claims are always illegal.

At Vitality CBD we genuinely want to be a truly trusted source for CBD content. That’s why we never make unsubstantiated claims about CBD benefits, or imply anything that hasn’t been verified. We take pride in our image and in ensuring quality control across the board. Part of that is following UK laws at each stage of the production process.

That commitment to transparency and honesty is why we provide comprehensive lab reports on each and every one of our batches. We feel comfortable performing third party tests on all of our products because we have nothing to hide. If you’d like to find out more about our batch reports, check our CBD testing page.

CBD lab reports

Helping our CBD users

The only issue with this situation from our perspective is consumer related. We receive hundreds of requests each month relating to health concerns, but with each one we have to give a blanket statement regarding our inability to discuss or comment on medical conditions.

Since Vitality CBD is a user-oriented, premium CBD shop, the fact that we can’t properly engage personally with users who have genuine issues is a point of frustration for us. That’s why we felt the need to make this statement, clarifying why we leave content like that off of our site.

Learn more about CBD effects

Whilst we can’t discuss that side of CBD, we do make sure we cover the entire rest of the world of CBD knowledge across our site. Unsure of where to start? We’d recommend our introductory 4-step guide to CBD.

If that doesn’t resolve all of your questions, or if you want to find out more about the UK laws surrounding CBD, why not give us a message?

Our live chat is online 9-5pm every weekday (just click the icon in the bottom right of each page) and you can always email us on our CBD contact page. We’re on hand to give you whatever advice you need so you feel confident each time you buy cannabidiol.