Vitality CBD recommends: the perfect CBD starter packs

Vitality CBD recommends: the perfect CBD starter packs

Everyone’s CBD journey has a different starting point, but it can be tricky choosing yours. Even as CBD continues to grow, with over 1.3 million active users in the UK, there aren’t many clear signposts to guide you. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you.

Part of the mystery surrounds what products to take, and how often to use them. The most important point to understand upfront is that CBD has a “good safety profile” (as discussed in this report by the World Health Organization), with an incredibly low toxicity rate. That means combining multiple CBD products for everyday coverage isn’t just accepted, it’s something we encourage.

Over the course of this blog post we’ll discuss bioavailability, before laying out two of our bestselling product combinations. Have you had your own experiences with using multiple Vitality CBD products? Why not let us know on our contact page, or even in a review on one of our product pages.


When we discuss any of our products, the first word that comes to mind is bioavailability. Put simply, this is the amount of any given ingested compound that your body can actually practically make use of. The quicker the path to your circulatory system, the higher the bioavailability.

This is largely dictated by your choice of ingestion method. If you dip your fingers in a CBD oil versus letting it soak into the blood vessels beneath your tongue then you’ll notice remarkably different effects. Our goal at Vitality CBD is to ensure you always use the most effective method for the product in question.

A higher bioavailability essentially means your body is making use of more of the CBD, cannabinoids and terpenes in your oil. However, some CBD products like topicals and cosmetics take a different route by targeting the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin rather than aiming for the circulatory system.

That’s why we’ve compiled these two starter packs. For each one we’ll take you through the products we’ve paired together and explain why we think they go so well as a duo. First up: our user’s favourite combination, and our original starter pack.

The Vitality CBD Starter Pack

People often ask what product we’d recommend to start with, or what CBD oil the Vitality CBD team use most, so we began to compile together our answers. The most common product we came back with was, in fact, a two product combination. That’s where our starter pack idea came from.

Our first and best-selling combination is our Oral Spray and our Skin Cream. These two are perfectly complementary because of how they work in conjunction. Both products are designed for daily use, but with different methods of delivery and different ideal dosing times. Let’s find out more.

CBD Oral Spray

Our Oral Spray is the ideal starting point for anyone new to CBD. The spray applicator means the CBD is applied as a fine mist in one of three flavours, making it light and easy to ingest beneath your tongue. This is aided by our chosen carrier oil, MCT (coconut) oil, which further masks the hemp taste with a mellow flavour.

The Oral Spray has a great bioavailability due to its application process. Simply lift your tongue and apply a few sprays there. Wait for around 90 seconds until all of the CBD oil has been absorbed. The blood vessels there enable the CBD to reach your circulation quicker, meaning it takes 30 minutes to take effect, with a duration of 6 hours.

We recommend all users start out with a 300mg spray, before moving up to the 600mg or 1200mg after month-long intervals to ensure your body has time to acclimatise. As part of our starter pack, 300mg is a perfect daily dose to take alongside the 300mg Skin Cream as a smooth way to ease you into your CBD routine.

CBD Skin Cream

Our Skin Cream is composed of a hand-selected series of ingredients designed to become a central part of your daily moisturising routine. Each of these component parts also support the spread and release of CBD across your skin each morning and evening.

Whilst the Skin Cream has a lower bioavailability than the Oral Spray, it serves a different purpose. Instead of reaching the bloodstream it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in your skin, acting in a wholly different way to the Oral Spray. Due to its external application, the CBD will take around an hour to take effect, and then lasts roughly 5 hours.

Oral Spray & Skin Cream together

We’ve found that the Oral Spray and Skin Cream work great together due to their differences. The Skin Cream works with your skin, whilst the Oral Spray reaches your entire internal network. Likewise, the spray is perfect for using on the go as a way of dosing throughout the day, whilst the skin cream is great for applications in the morning and evening.

We’ve also selected our award-winning lemon flavour Oral Spray out of the three flavours available. With its fresh citrus zing, it covers over the hemp taste and makes sure every spray is delicious.

If you want to try this user-favourite combination, click here to be taken through to the checkout.

Vitality CBD Vape Pack

Whilst our first starter pack is perfect for those entirely new to the world of CBD, we also recognise that our users have different needs and desires. That’s why we’ve put together this second pack with our Full Spectrum E-liquid and Muscle Balm, based on our experience with vapers.

Full Spectrum E-liquid

This is our go-to e-liquid recommendation for vapers that want to give CBD a go for the first time. It comes in three delicious flavours, and it’s a little less thick than our Whole Plant E-liquid, making it a light and easy vape throughout the day.

The fact that it’s full spectrum is also significant, because that means it retains the full range of helpful hemp cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids as well as CBD. Since vaping CBD gives it a high bioavailability, that means all of these compounds reach your bloodstream faster.

Effects typically come on within a few minutes, and last a few hours, which makes our e-liquids perfect for regular use. We recommend starting out with the 300mg Full Spectrum E-liquid, and using a Muscle Balm to support the rest of your dosage.

Muscle Balm

Our Muscle Balm is our ultimate topical application. Where our Skin Cream is ideal for using as a full skin moisturiser twice a day, our Muscle Balm is best used after workouts or light exercise. The blend of organic essential oils ensures an easy application and a fresh fragrance.

We set the amount of CBD in our Muscle Balm at 300mg, making it perfect as a means of supporting your dosage from your vaping. Due to how it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin, like the Skin Cream the CBD will take an hour to be felt, and last roughly 5 hours. There’s no need to only apply it in a localised area - massage it across your body for the full impact.

E-liquid and Muscle Balm together

As with our other starter pack, we’ve selected these two products because we believe they complement one another perfectly. Where the Full Spectrum E-liquid is perfect for using regularly throughout the day, the Muscle Balm only needs to be applied at one or two key intervals each day. Together they ensure you’ll have full-day CBD coverage.

We’ve chosen our lemon flavoured vape juice because it’s our most acclaimed flavour. The citrus taste works great to mask the earthy hemp flavour, and guarantees an easy vape all day.

If you want to try this vaper-friendly combination, click here to be taken through to the checkout.

Learning more together

Whether you decide to buy our original starter pack, our vape starter pack, or even just check out our product page and choose your own starting point, learning more about CBD is key. If you want to find out more about each of our product lines, why not start with our three product guides, covering: e-liquids, oral oils and cosmetics.

If you have any questions about what products work best together then why not ask us a question directly? You can either send us a message on our contact page, or speak to us live via our online chat in the bottom right corner of each page. Whichever path you choose, we’re here to help you start your CBD journey smoothly and easily.