How to vape our range of CBD e-liquids

How to vape our range of CBD e-liquids

If you’ve been following Vitality CBD, you know that the CBD market is one of the fastest growing markets globally. Since the easing of regulation CBD has been infused into a diverse range of products ranging from CBD Skin Cream to CBD e-liquids, meaning there’s a CBD product out there for everyone.

One of our signature methods for taking CBD is our varied range of CBD e-liquids. But how do you use them? If you’ve not vaped before, or you’re uncertain of how vaping CBD differs from vaping nicotine, we’ve got just the guide for you. First, let’s start with the basics of how vaping CBD works.

Vaping CBD & bioavailability

Any time you ingest a compound, whether it’s a medicine or a vitamin supplement, it has a bioavailability score. The higher that score, the higher the amount of the given compound makes it into your bloodstream. Since that stream is the main transport route around the body, typically a higher bioavailability is best.

When you vaporise a CBD e-liquid, you disperse the molecules, meaning it has free and easy access through blood vessels. That gives it the highest bioavailability score of any CBD ingestion method with studies indicating 34-46%. The next highest score? Oral CBD oils with around half of that.

So, what does that mean practically? Well, vaping CBD means that it reaches your body much faster. However, because of its fast release, it's also processed much faster than other ingestion methods, requiring more frequent doses. Fortunately if you love vaping, that’s quite a good thing!

Vitality CBD E-Liquids

At Vitality CBD, we produce a full range of CBD e-liquids, meaning we have the perfect product for everyone. Available in a range of flavours, strengths and CBD types, our CBD e-liquids are formulated with our industry-best harvesting and extraction techniques, using only the highest quality organically-grown hemp.

To help you decide which CBD e-liquid is right for you, let's look at each of the CBD types we use in our products.

Broad Spectrum CBD E-Liquid

Our Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid contains a range of other hemp compounds. The key difference between broad spectrum and whole plant extracts is that we’ve stripped away the fibrous material, making it lighter, easier to vape and easier to flavour. If you want all the additional compounds without the full hemp taste, this is where to start.

Vitality CBD Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid is available in three strengths and three flavours—natural, berry and lemon. Due to the preservation of the natural balance of hemp compounds and the refreshing flavour, the 1200mg Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid is a bestseller amongst our users.

What device should I use?

Our Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid is a light vape due to the CBD extraction process. It has a ratio of 25:75 VG/PG, meaning it can be used freely in any mouth-to-lung vape device without worrying about residue building up.

If you’re in need of inspiration, a great device to pair with our Broad Spectrum CBD E-liquid would be the Uwell Caliburn. This vape is a refillable pod mod with solid construction, reliable battery life and intense flavour production—an ideal way to get your daily CBD intake.

CBD Isolate E-Liquid

Our most affordable range is also our most fun! With five vape flavours, and one simple strength of 125mg CBD, each of our CBD Isolate E-liquids is great and easy-to-use. CBD isolate is actually a crystalline powder with a purity of 98+%. That means no other cannabinoids, whatsoever. This provides peace of mind for some users who only want CBD, but means you’ll miss out on the other hemp compounds.

CBD isolate is also flavourless, which is why CBD Isolate E-liquids come in a great range of flavours, including Passionfruit Pear and Elderflower Orange Lime (another consumer favourite).

Which device should I use?

CBD isolates are the easiest to blend into a thin consistency, which is why our CBD Isolate E-liquids have a ratio of 50:50 VG/PG. The 50:50 VG/PG ratio is the most common ratio found in e-liquids designed for mouth-to-lung vape devices, frequently being sold alongside many starter vape kits.

This ease of application in terms of device compatibility makes our Isolate E-liquids a great introduction to vaping CBD. Head over to your nearest vape store to buy a mouth-to-lung starter kit and give our CBD Isolate E-liquid a try.

Learning more about CBD

At Vitality CBD we love using vape devices, but there are so many different ways to try CBD out. If you’re in need of something a little different, why not take a look at our oral oils, or our range of topicals. Want to check out our full range? Then you can buy CBD right now through our store.

Got some queries about whether your device will work correctly? Our live chat is online 9-5pm every weekday (just click the icon in the bottom right of each page), or you can always email Vitality CBD. Vaper or not, we’ve got you covered.